How to Dine Out Series Kick-off

chinese takeoutI love eating all types of foods and when I’m asked what my favorite is my answer can range from Mexican to Thai to Indian to Italian to Spanish and the list goes on. It really just depends on what day you ask me. With that said, eating out in restaurants that specialize in these types of cuisines can be difficult to navigate, especially when trying to keep to a healthy, everyday diet.

Cooking at home you know exactly what is going into your food, but eating out we have less of that control and therefore, this month at, we are kicking off a series entitled “How to Dine Out.” Each week we will focus on a cuisine to help guide you through common choices you will find on menus at these types of restaurants.

A couple of tips to get you started:

1) Have your food items grilled or steamed.
2) Sauce and salad dressing should be on the side.
3) Liquid calories add up quickly, so beware of alcoholic beverages.
4) Just because it sounds healthy doesn’t mean it is. Don’t be afraid to ask your server questions and get more details about how the dish is prepared.

Tune in every Saturday through November 6, with the first part of the series kicking off October 16.

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