How to Get a Yoga Butt

A yoga butt as defined by the Urban Dictionary is “the ultimate external sign of a strong and powerful body.” Sounds great, but I am not convinced of the rest of the definition that a yoga butt is a status symbol, a result of years and years of practice and discipline, and only available to those who can afford extensive personal training and healthy eating.

I have seen the transformation in my students. A yoga butt is attainable for anyone. The following routine includes yoga poses that are responsible for this welcomed and celebrated phenomenon, so you too can display a strong and powerful body.

Warm Up

This can include anything from walking, running or simple calisthenics. Spend at least five minutes getting your blood flowing and your joints moving at ease.

Chair Pose

In the traditional pose you would hold still. For the ultimate yoga butt, lift and lower your hips while pressing down through your heels. Do this for 30 seconds or more and feel a slight burn in your bottom.

Crescent Lunge

Immediately following chair pose (that means with no rest), step your left foot back and come into a high lunge position. Again, make this normally static pose a bit more dynamic by lifting and lowering your hips. Continue for 30 seconds or more, and then with the same leg, immediately proceed to the next pose.

Warrior III

From crescent lunge, step forward onto your right leg. Attempt to bring your upper body and left leg parallel to the floor. If that is not possible, use a chair or a wall for balance. Hold for up to one minute and say hello to your yoga butt.

Take a short break and then repeat the sequence from chair pose, proceeding with the other leg.

One Leg Bridge Pose

Turn up the volume on your bridge pose by raising one leg toward the ceiling. Take it up a notch and lift and lower your hips. After 30 seconds, switch legs.

Locust Pose (variation)

Lay on your belly with both arms by your sides, palms facing down. Lift your chest but leave your palms on the mat. With both hips equally flat on the mat, scissor kick your legs up and down in 30-second intervals, up to three times.

Stretch it Out

By this time your yoga butt will love the welcomed stretch of pigeon pose. A flexible bum also signifies strength and power, so cherish this time to stretch, release and let go.

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