INFOGRAPHIC: Childhood Obesity Epidemic by the Numbers

Childhood Obesity Epidemic Infographic
Brought to you by MAT@USC Masters in Teaching

The week of October 10 is National School Lunch Week, an effort to examine and raise awareness around a particular angle of school nutrition. For 2024, the theme is “School Lunch – Let’s Grow Healthy.” According to the NSLW, this “provides the opportunity to try something new and promote locally sourced foods.

Many school are growing their own gardens, sourcing ingredients for cafeteria meals from local farmers, and some are expanding the knowledge students have of the food industry by inviting farmers to the school or taking field trips to local farms.

The above infographic from USC Masters in Teaching program highlights some disconcerting facts about childhood obesity. While home should be the first place our children learn about nutrition and fitness, these statistics prove that’s not happening. With shrinking budgets and increasing demands placed on teachers, it’s becoming even more difficult to make schools the front line for healthy living education.

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