JumpSport’s Fitness Trampoline is an Exciting Change Your At-Home Workouts Need

The Fitness Trampoline is a product developed by JumpSport that can add some uniqueness to your at-home workouts, or even expand the class offerings at your gym.

This piece of equipment includes workout DVDs hosted by Kathy Jo Burgett with KB Fitness. So no one is just jumping up and down, there’s a pretty legit workout that takes place. The trampoline and corresponding DVDs can be bought online through JumpSport’s website. Each DVD focuses on something different such as core, strength, cardio, and one for all of the above. If you’re someone who would like to be involved in all of these different workouts, a DVD can be purchased that contains all of the fitness trampoline workouts.

Each session lasts between 15-30 minutes so it’s great for those on a time crunch. The workouts focus on core, cardio, strength, or basic, which is a combination of all of those. We recommend that to get the most out of your time on the trampoline. Each workout session can be a little different so that you’re working something different each day. A great feature of these videos is the option of three different difficulty levels to follow – one for beginners, intermediates or more advanced. This concept enables users to start on the beginning level and work their way up to higher levels after they’ve made improvement.

These workouts are great for beginners or those who are trying to add a little more activity into their days. The JumpSport Fitness Trampoline is even ideal for the most advanced fitness buffs. If you’re someone who is highly active physically or you have a decent amount of weight you’d like to lose, adding other forms of exercise on top of this program will likely be needed.

As for the construction of the JumpSport – it is durable, sturdy, and offers a trampoline workout free of squeaks and moans. Something I found very beneficial is the trampoline’s firmness can actually be adjusted so you can switch up the difficulty levels after you begin getting the hang of things. The proprietary elastic cords provide a smooth, low-impact and silent bounce that reduces the jarring effect typically associated with steel-coil spring rebounders. Its compact design allows it to not take up too much space or easily be tucked away.

The title says it all. If you’re someone who enjoys your at-home workouts away from the gym for whatever reason that may be, consider adding this piece of equipment to your collection. It’s easy to use, easy to get started and takes up minimal space.

After trying the JumpSport for ourselves, and seeing it in action during a 100-person class during Fitbloggin ’12, we can attest that it’s a fun, sweat-inducing workout that will make you want to schedule a workout instead of finding a reason to skip it.

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