Just Do the Nike Training Club for a Challenging, Safe, and Fun Workout

Nike is an obvious leader in the sports industry, running the game from shoes and apparel to tech gadgets and major league sponsorships. Now they are not only dressing you in the gym, they’re meeting you there with Nike Training Club. In addition to being an app available on Google Play and Apple’s App Store, Nike Training Club, or NTC, is a group fitness class featured in a variety of universities and gyms across the US, with one of the biggest gyms being 24 Hour Fitness.

nike training club
Nike’s idea for the class is amazing: Get a variety of trainers to put together a killer 45-minute routine with a variety of functional movements and athletic drills, using simple equipment to get everyone moving. Some of the tools employed are dumbbells ranging from 2 pounds up to 15 pounds, medicine balls, body weight, and common equipment used in any sports practice (e.g cones, small hurdles, and agility ladders). The instructor uses all of these elements together to come up with a unique exercise experience.

The quality of the class, while founded on Nike’s principles, will vary by trainer. Nike only wants its name to deliver the best of the best and they constantly send in representatives at random for quality control, but still, some instructors unfortunately fall under the radar.

I’ve experienced one great class where the instructor gave simple modifications to accommodate those who needed them, but were still able to work the same muscle groups targeted in the original programming. When I checked back later that week, I was greeted with new choreography to match the same high intensity I experienced the first time around.

Another class was just a stereotypical boot camp with an instructor barking orders and telling us to “just do it.”  When checking back with this class, it was almost identical. Very little change in the programming and still no modifications.

Overall, Nike Training Club is a lot of fun. When a good trainer gets her hands on the material, NTC becomes a great total body workout that is safe and effective. Time flies by and even though the class is very challenging, it isn’t impossible. Nike claims each of the exercises are specifically targeted to either “get strong,” “get lean,” or “get toned.” The class is designed to help people build definition and burn calories.

Can you increase strength doing this class? Absolutely! However, with dumbbells at a maximum of 15 pounds and body weight exercises alone, the amount of strength you can build is limited. It is a great place to start for beginners, but for someone who is already a seasoned weightlifter it will be a better burn for cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Intensity is key to this class. If you perform every move at a low intensity, then you will not get the effects you want. Keep proper form with a high intensity and this class is an excellent addition to any workout routine. I have clients who take this class for three simple reasons: it’s challenging, safe, and fun.

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