Low-Fat, High-Fiber Childhood Diet Prevents Adult Health Problems

While it’s never too late to turn your health around, it’s also never too early to make a difference. One of the scariest parts of childhood obesity is that it can have health repercussions later in adulthood.

Take a recent study, for example. It says that if parents were to feed there children a diet lower in total fat and saturated fat and more fiber, it would help ensure lower glucose levels and lower blood pressure in adulthood. A high fat diet is associated with an increased risk of the metabolic syndrome.

The researchers evaluated 230 women between the ages of 25 and 29 years, who nine years earlier participated in the Dietary Intervention Study in Children. It was a randomized controlled clinical trial of a reduced-fat diet that sought to limit fat intake to 28 percent of daily caloric intake and increase dietary fiber intake.

“Few participants in our follow-up study met the criteria for metabolic syndrome — a cluster of symptoms including belly fat; low levels of high-density lipoprotein, the “good” cholesterol; higher levels of triglycerides and blood glucose and elevated blood pressure — but the intervention group had statistically significant lower mean systolic blood pressure and fasting plasma glucose levels compared to the control group,” said lead author Joanne Dorgan of Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia in a written statement.

(via: ScienceDaily)

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