Major Organic Brands Still Funding Anti-GMO Labeling Efforts in Front of Washington’s I-522 Vote


They’re at it again, and this time just a little more sneakily than before. Not only are some of the biggest brands in organic and earth-friendly food still supporting anti-labeling campaigns, but now they’re trying to do it in secret.

A new infographic produced by shows which brands still oppose the labeling of GMOs. What’s more, after facing major backlash from their opposition to Prop 37, many of those corporations hid behind membership in the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) to secretly continue funding anti-labeling measures.

The GMA was used to conceal corporations’ continued donations to anti-labeling causes. That is, until the Washington attorney general filed a lawsuit against the GMA. After the suit was filed, the GMA voluntarily released the names of its members that had contributed to the anti-labeling campaign in Washington.

November 5 is the day Washington will determine whether or not it will become the first state to mandate clear labels of genetically modified organisms. A similar measure nearly passed last year in California, and Connecticut has passed a labeling bill, but it will only take effect if three other states also do so.

I-522 is the creation of the people of Washington. This citizen’s initiative could be the start of a real labeling revolution. Unfortunately, companies are putting lots of money into the hands of people who could stop I-522 from passing. So far, agribusiness and Big Food have spent $17 million to defeat the initiative, while organizations that support it have spent about $6 million.

While we’re not surprised to see Monsanto has put up nearly $5 million against the issue, we’re disappointed by some other names on the opposition side. Naked Juice and Honest Tea are two repeat offenders in funding anti-labeling measures.

Nature’s Path, Annie’s and Boulder Brands are three of the biggest contributors to the pro-labeling cause. Also showing support for the labeling initiative is Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, who made a commitment earlier this year to go completely GMO free.

Showing support for I-522 doesn’t have to mean donating or even living in Washington. Maybe you can’t vote in the polls, but you can vote with your money. You can show your commitment to the cause by limiting the amount of products you purchase from companies that oppose labeling. If you want to be more actively involved in the cause, visit and participate in conversations on Twitter using #Yeson522. Make your voice heard and help spread the GMO labeling message.

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