5 Meaty Dinners for the Presidential Debate Night: Obama’s vs. Romney’s Favorite Recipes

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama take to the podium together tonight for the first time in this presidential election. With 33 days left before election day, many Americans are still trying to finalize their votes, certain to be helped by the comments Obama and Romney share on domestic policy issues (the focus of tonight’s debate). For some, the debate will only confirm their voting decision.

As these candidates sink their teeth into some meaty issues that concern all Americans, you can sink your teeth in to some of their favorite recipes. Don’t go in to these debates lightly, or on an empty stomach!

If you run red and want a meal that Mitt Romney calls his favorite, try the Romney Meatloaf Cakes. Ann Romney prepares these with a sweet and tangy homemade ketchup sauce every year for his birthday. If things go his way, the White House chef will prepare these to celebrate his birthday in 2024.

As the governor of Massachusetts, Romney probably gets his fill of some of the best clam chowder in the state. You’ll have no regrets curling up around a piping hot bowl of this homemade Low Carb Clam Chowder, simply made with only 5 ingredients.

If you lean more blue and want a meal not only fit for a president, but one that President Obama actually prepares himself, then dig in to a bowl of Barack Obama’s Chili. It’s his personal recipe boldly flavored with a variety of spices and healthful ingredients like peppers, onions, and tomatoes.

Or, go with one of the president’s favorite meals prepared by Chef Rick Bayless during a White House State Dinner. Obama’s Favorite Grilled Chicken Tacos are light and satisfying and topped with a tasty tomatillo salsa. If only you had one of his White House Honey Ales to wash it down.

Should you prefer to take your dinner and your politics from a more non-partisan menu, then our Red, White, and Blue Turkey Burger sliders might be a safer bet. We’ve folded feta cheese and chopped red bell peppers in to ground turkey and grilled these tiny burgers to perfection. Then, we top them with a sweet and tangy blueberry balsamic reduction.

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