Michelle Moran Lost 213 Pounds and Her Binge Eating Habit, “I Only Trusted Myself to Buy Enough Groceries for One Day.”

It’s been three years since Michele Moran tipped the scales at almost 400 pounds. Overweight as a child, Michelle adopted a habit of binge eating that only got worse when she moved out on her own. Now, with a new healthy outlook on food and a weight loss of 213 pounds, Michelle is looking forward to a bright future – and maybe even a triathlon.

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More from Michelle in her own words –

Tell me when your weight struggles began. I have been bigger since childhood. When I turned 13, I was wearing a size 13. I remember someone mentioning that I seemed to be going up a pant size every year. From that moment on I was consciously aware and insecure about my weight.

“When I lived at home I binged when people were asleep. When I moved out on my own it got even worse.”

What habits specifically led you to gain weight? Lack of exercise contributed, but the main issue was binge eating. My dinner might be an entire pizza, bag of chips and a box of Hamburger Helper. I felt sick and I was in pain, but I did it every single day.

What caused you to realize you needed to change? I couldn’t fit into the largest sizes at plus size stores. I could only wear tights or elastic waist pants or dresses. I couldn’t fit into seats at the movies, sporting events, roller coasters, or even just booths in restaurants.

How did you lose the weight? I started slowly. I didn’t even eat healthier at first. I just ate less. I bought just enough groceries for one day and started walking everywhere.

What diet and exercise methods did you employ? I took a mostly meat and veggie approach. I started off counting calories, but eventually just ate when I was hungry and stopped before overeating. I avoided processed food altogether. For exercise I started going to the gym on a daily basis where I would spin, take boot camp classes, TRX and yoga. Also, strength training and running.

“When I added weights to my strength training I lost another 100 pounds in almost half the time it took me to lose the first 100.”

Did you have any “ah ha” moments along the way? WEIGHTS! I hit a huge 3-month plateau and couldn’t for the life of me get past it. When I added weights, I continued to lose.

Biggest struggle in your journey?

  • Getting past plateaus.
  • Having my gallbladder removed because of the weight loss.
  • Being away from the gym during recovery.
  • Getting back on track after a long hiatus with no exercise. 

“I had convinced myself that iIwould never see a weight under 200 pounds.” 

Biggest triumph? Getting under 200 pounds. That’s honestly the biggest triumph of my life. I weighed 200 pounds by the time I was in middle school so it was a big moment for me.

Advice you’d give to other people struggling to lose weight? Don’t quit. You screw up one day, that’s all it is. One cheat meal does not ruin an entire week. Don’t let that habit get you.


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