October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. During this month, there is an added push to make people aware of this devastating disease and help them learn all they can as we all fight to end it forever. As research is being done everyday, we can’t wait to hear when the eventual cure is found. Until then, prevention and education are our strongest weapons.

We’ve collected many useful pieces to help educate and inform as we all work to find a cure.

Diet and Breast Cancer

There are many studies connecting the relationship between diet and cancer, specifically breast cancer. The research is yielding new findings all the time. Staying aware is often key in cure and prevention.

Weight Loss and Breast Cancer
Obesity has been linked to cancer in some studies. Learn how a healthy body weight can be a powerful cancer prevention method. Also read how the consumption of high fat foods can play a role in cancer connections.

Breast Cancer Prevention Diet
Dr. Bob Arnot, NBC News chief medical correspondent, has written a book outlining studies that point to certain lifestyle choices including diet, that may prevent breast cancer.

Alcohol Increases Risk of Breast Cancer in Women
Research has concluded that drinking as little as a half of glass of wine may increase your risk of developing breast cancer. Learn more facts about how alcohol can potentially increase your cancer risk.

The Pink Ribbon Diet
Learn about how this doctor-researched diet can help you lose weight and ward off breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Research

Some of the greatest minds are working daily t o find a cure to cancer and with hopeful results surfacing, we hope to expect a cure very soon. Researchers are also finding hopeful facts to help those who are battling the disease until a cure is found.

7 Healthy Strategies for Fighting Breast Cancer

Tips like increasing your produce intake, avoiding BBQ, and limiting alcohol are among some of the researched tips for fighting this disease.

Breast Cancer Riskier with High BMI

A new study links a high BMI (body mass index) to a higher mortality rate for women who suffer from breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Prevention

Many professionals agree that there are a lot of steps and actions one can take to aid in the prevention of this breast cancer.

Eat More Colors to Cut Cancer Risk

There seem to be so many connections to what we eat and the risks of cancer. Fruits and vegetables loaded with phytochemicals and a low fat diet helps people manage weight and prevent disease.

How to Eat Healthy to Help Prevent Breast Cancer
Watch this great video as it points out many tips to help reduce your chances of developing breast cancer by eating foods that have shown promise in preventing it.

Parsley May Help Prevent or Slow the Growth of Breast Cancer
While it may just seem like a garnish, a recent study from researchers at the University of Missouri reported that the herb may contain properties that prevent certain breast cancer cells from spreading or growing.

Wine May Protect Against Cancer
As research continues everyday, Yale researchers found a strong connection between cancer prevention and wine consumption. Research also found a connection to wine and keeping a former cancer patient in remission.

5 Things You Must Know About Breast Cancer Prevention, But Probably Don’t

Could your water bottle be a risk factor for breast cancer? What about your bra under-wire? There are some hidden mysteries about this disease everyone must know in order to stay aware and informed.

Breast Cancer and Exercise

Just like in healthy individuals, exercise provides multiple benefits for cancer patients. For those afflicted, the benefits can be life altering.

Yoga Eases Pain of Breast Cancer
A recent study from Duke University Medical Center suggested that when women with breast cancer engaged in yoga for two months, they experienced less pain and fatigue and were significantly more relaxed.

Breast Cancer Survivors Benefit from Weight Lifting

While weight lifting was once discouraged for cancer patients, due to possible swelling and increased pain, it’s now found to support the patient. Studies found decreased symptoms and of course, added strength.

Exercise Offers Breast Cancer Hope for African American Women
“According to new research, postmenopausal African-American women who exercise vigorously for more than two hours a week can reduce their breast cancer risk by 64 percent as compared to sedentary women.”

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