Practice This Simple Guided Meditation to Reduce Your Holiday Stress

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your impending holiday agenda, read on.

Whether it’s a calendar full of parties, hosting responsibilities, or kids’ activities that have you running around like a chicken without a head, do yourself a favor and take just five minutes of your time to practice this guided meditation and refresh, restore and replenish your peace of mind. It will not only help you, it will help those around you. People will gravitate toward you because you will radiate with pure, inner tranquility, and that will look better on you than any facial treatment I know of.  Can you think of a more perfect way to be this holiday season?

Sit in a comfortable position away from external distractions such as the telephone, radio or television. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths, breathing in and out through your nose. Draw your awareness inward by tuning in to physical sensations throughout your body. Resist the temptation to judge these sensations, just notice them from an unbiased point of view. If you feel tension, fatigue or tightness anywhere in your body, just be aware for now. Try not to force changes.

Next, focus your attention on the base of your spine. Visualize a tiny flame there, flickering with a gentle glowing light. Feel a warm and soothing sensation emitting from this flame. Notice your hips, legs and feet relax completely.

Now imagine this flame getting taller as it rises up your spine to the middle of your back. Feel energized as you imagine the flame getting bigger, sending spine tingling energy to your rib cage, chest and arms. Notice your arms, hands and fingers becoming warm, and deeply relaxed.

Last but not least, visualize the flame illuminating your shoulders, face and skull. Feel its warmth and radiance move beyond your head and shoulders to surround you with a healthy glow. Notice the flame burning away all fears, anxieties and worries about the weeks ahead. Feel totally at ease, and completely relaxed from the top of your head all the way down to the bottoms of your feet.

Sit with these new sensations of peace, relaxation and radiance for the next few moments. Reflect on your feelings of warmth and tranquility as you let tension melt and tightness disappear. Notice a genuine inner bliss flood your mind and body.

Any time you feel the need to practice this guided meditation, do it. You will be much more productive with your to-do list when you are feeling calm and relaxed. By being calm, you will also give others the opportunity to breathe sigh of relief and reduce their own stress. (And not to mention, they will want to know the secret to your healthy, radiant glow.)

Always remember to thank yourself for taking care of your mind and body, especially during the stressful holiday season.

Happy Holidays!

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