Sensa Diet Review: When Biology and Food Technology Meet

sensaWe are truly living in an era of mind-boggling technological innovations. When it comes to food, science is creating some pretty wild stuff that is making genetically-modified tomatoes look like cell phones from the early nineties.

One of the latest class of products that are designed to help us lose weight are tasteless food additives that are sprinkled on food. Once ingested, they have the power to induce feelings of fullness by acting on certain areas of the brain. It’s kind of like what may happen if hoodia were to meet your salt shaker. But unlike many dietary supplements, these food additives don’t contain hoodia, drugs or any other stimulants.

One such product is Sensa.

Sensa works with your sense of smell to curb your hunger without affecting the taste of your food. This induces something called ‘sensory-specific satiety.’ It makes your brain perceive that you’ve eaten more than you have and, thus, you eat less and lose weight,” says Sensa Creator, Dr. Alan Hirsch.

In one 1,400-person clinical study, participants lost an average of 30 pounds over a six-month period while using Sensa tastants. The exact specifics of this study, which can severely alter the credibility of the study, are not known.

Sensa should not be confused with CalTrap, which is another food additive that contains extracts of an Asian plant that encapsulates up to 25% of the calories you ingest and allows it to be passed through your digestive tract without getting absorbed.

Sensa is instead, sprinkled on your food and imparts its magic by acting on your sense of smell, brain and sense of fullness. The end result is supposed to be a slimmer you as you register a feeling of being full even though your plate still has a good deal of food on it.

The ingredient list sounds fairly benign and since it was created by a medical doctor, one would hope that it was designed with sound science and safety standards in mind. I don’t know about you, but I’m fairly intrigued by this latest creation in food technology.

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Huh. I’m intrigued, but cautiously so. Thanks for posting!


Desperate Weight Watcher says:

I would like to know if where can I buy Sensa. I search their website but they didn’t ship this product in Asia especially Philippines.

does it pass the food and drugs department? i don`t prefer thing like that.. there are lots of ways on how to be slim it might be an enhancer but it wont really work if you wont do something with yourself.. i mean work that @~9 of yours!!!

heather says:

Since Sensa is a food product, FDA approval is not required for Sensa. All of Sensa’s ingredients are on the FDA designation list of GRAS – Generally Recognized as Safe.

It’s patent is still pending. The creator of the product, Dr. Alan Hirsch, currently holds 10 patents relating to olfactory mechanisms.

Selah117 says:

If you go to this web site:

I am posting my comments each month while I am trying Sensa for 6 months. I am letting everyone know each month how Sensa is effecting my body weight and my eating behavior and any side effects I may be having. I think that will give people a better insight into whether this product works or not. The Sensa site says that if you are a woman then it can take from 4-6 months before you notice any significant weight loss and I’ve been on it for 3 1/2 months so far. I have actually gained 10 pounds on Sensa so far which doesn’t sound like the typical reaction from others who have tried it as long as I have. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that the potency of the shaker wares off which is why you are suppose to throw away one shaker after 30 days and try the next. My portion control is very good for the first 2 weeks and I have noticed that lately I crave more healthy foods. Anyways, to learn more please check out the link.

Tommy says:

I tried Sensa about 7 months ago while in Canada. I thought it was a joke and laughed when my wife suggested it. I stopped laughing awhile ago and have since ordered more.

Proud to say I lost 45 pounds with no side effects. The first place I heard about it was at a site called sensasolution.

I wish everyone luck and good health

Jodi says:

I’ve been on it for 1 (one) week and have lost 7 lbs. Yes – you heard me correctly……..7 lbs in 1 week!!! I’ve noticed that my appetite isn’t has huge as what it was a week ago and I’m eating smaller portions as well!

I’ve always been skeptical of “fad weight-loss diets” but I’m am becoming a believer in Sensa!

Try the “free offer” – you only pay for shipping & handling…..what do you have to lose???

Lyn says:

where can i buy sensa here in manila, philippines? does anyone know where i can get it? please help, thanks

mercy says:

where can i buy sensa here in the philippines? ply help me to lost wieght. i try to go on veggie i lost 15 lbs but now my wieght up again to the same lbs before

Thomas says:

I really like Sensa and I order the six month supply and at first I was angry because I found a free offer about one week after I started the stuff. Other than paying too much (I wish I Ordered the free supply) I love the stuff. I have been on it for 3 months now and I lost 16.3 pounds. The cool part is that I really am not dieting, I am just not wanting to eat as much.

I think this Doctor has helped weight loss enter a new era. This may make weightloss today look like pong to video games. I think the stuff will be aroubd for a long time.

The place I wish I ordered the free stuff, which is about $5.00 is at a small site portal and I have not seen it anywhere else. I do not see how anyone can make any money when it is only $5.00.

Nicholas says:

I’ve been on nutrisystem for 3 weeks. The last time I weighed myself I lost 8lbs. but its like I keep see-sawing and I have no idea why.

Shelia says:

The thing is about the free offer and just paying S&H is they keep on charging your credit card and never stop, or sign you up for all kinds of other stuff.

Dee says:

I’ve been using Sensa on my food most of the time for about 2 and 1/2 weeks now and have not lost weight. I do believe I am eating less, hard to say in my case. I have started gaining weight lost from chemo last year, so maybe this sensa is simply stabilizing my weight at present. I go back & forth wondering if I should send it back before they charge my credit card the $89 (1st payment one month after the free shipment), or stick it out in hopes of later success. Will keep y’all posted. Here’s hoping!

karen says:

Don’t buy this product. I sprinkled like a fool for 3 months and did not lose a pound. I stopped by order, and it took 6 months to get a refund. It doesn’t work.

jerry hill says:

If all these products are so good, and about everyone that uses it likes it, why does one have to committ to $89 a month and then when it doesnt work, take 6 months to get it stopped and a refund. I really am fearfull of the companies who want an automatic withdraw out of your account each month and then when you try to stop, it is almost impossible to talk to someone or to get it stopped. Is it just a get rich quick plan by the owner?

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