ShiftCon to Bring Together Health, Wellness and Environmental Bloggers

Next October, Los Angeles will be the home of the world’s first international social media focusing on wellness, health and environment. Presented by Bookieboo and Mamavation, ShiftCon Social Media Conference will bring in bloggers from all over who write about wellness, health, the environment, food, fitness and natural living.

ShiftCon 2014
Leah Segedie, the event’s founder, hopes that it will provide these bloggers with a way to connect and share. “ShiftCon was born out of the idea that together we can create a profound impact on the world around us. We can literally shift how we eat, raise our families and our impact on the environment,” Segedie said. “That shift has begun, and now it’s time to come together and leverage our collective influence to accelerate that shift.”

As the first conference of its kind, ShiftCon was created in the spirit of providing wellness and eco-friendly bloggers with a chance to network, share ideas and learn from industry experts. Robyn O’Brien, author of Unhealthy Truth: How Our Food Is Making Us Sick and What We Can Do About It, is already slated as one of the keynote speakers.

Bloggers attending the conference will have the opportunity to learn from her and other experts. “Attendees participate in workshops, learn from professionals, discuss their niche and value systems, and decide on themes to collaborate on in the following year,” Segedie said.

One of the major focuses this year is complete dedication to the values of the conference. Only non-GMO or organic fresh food from local family farms in the Los Angeles area will be served during ShiftCon through a sponsorship deal with “We are also only serving wine through sustainable vineyards through Sip Certified Vineyards,” Segedie said. “Every bite of food will reflect our values.”

However, food will only be one part of the conference. “This conference blends workshops, networking, parties and intense collaboration of changemakers all over the United States and Canada in one place,” Segedie said. “Bloggers and other social media professionals participate and collaborate with each other to inspire and empower each other to create effective communication and take their profession to the next level.”

Part of the unique ShiftCon experience is the opportunity for bloggers who may not otherwise be seen to come together and present what they know. “This is a one-of-a-kind conference bringing together some amazing people with amazing talents and passions,” Segedie said. “Shift happens, be part of it.”

ShiftCon Social Media Conference will take place October 2-4, 2024 in Los Angeles, California. Early Bird registration is open now, and availability is limited. For more information, registration or to apply to be a speaker, visit

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