Smart for Life Cookie Diet is Now Gluten Free

Whether it’s by nutritional necessity or personal choice, many people follow gluten-free diets. Gluten allergies and intolerances can often make it difficult for consumers to enjoy most foods that are on the market. For years now, this group of people has grown and they are looking for more options. They want to eat a variety of food and they don’t want to sacrifice taste to do so. The gluten-free industry has expanded to accommodate the consumers and there are now very few options that don’t have a gluten-free alternative. Even the famed cookie diet has an answer for the gluten-conscious.

Smart for Life has released a gluten-free cookie diet, a first for the industry. “The gluten-free market is growing, but unfortunately, a lot of gluten-free products do not taste that great. We have been able to create a delicious taste profile that people will be amazed to know happens to be gluten-free,” said Richard Kayne, COO. Smart for Life gluten-free cookies are about 60 percent organic and made without preservatives.

Besides cookies, Smart for Life products include cupcakes, soups, shakes and other meal replacements that contain appetite suppressants. It works by replacing your meals with their products which suppress your appetite and make the 800 calorie days more bearable. The diet also includes Smart Injections which are meant to kick-start your diet but be wary, because they contain the highly controversial hCG.

Many consumers have reported tremendous success with this diet but like you may have suspected, it is not a long-term diet plan. It may work initially to help you lose some weight, but will prove difficult and unhealthy to maintain for long periods of time.

For more information please visit the Smart for Life website.

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