Soda Addiction No More

sodaTo protect against foreign bacteria that can cause traveler’s diarrhea, the doctor suggested that while I recently traveled in Africa, I drink mainly soda. (Beer was also approved, but it is not something I drink. Water was only OK if I personally broke the seal on the bottle, which cannot be guaranteed at restaurants with wait-staff.) I had given up soda, but figured this might be the only health reason to drink soda. I was a bit concerned that I might start craving it or have difficulty turning it down again once I returned to American soil.

It felt odd to order Fanta at the first restaurant. My reaction to soda was not a thrill of return or a desire for more. It felt sugary and heavy. After just a day, I was experiencing nausea, bloating, and low energy. I felt unhealthy. What I was craving was a shower and 64 ounces of water!

Now I know just how much healthier I am without soda. It is not just about the calories. Perhaps there are things in your life that you think you are denying of yourself, but you really would not want any more anyway. Or perhaps you would find that one thing you are afraid to eliminate really is not all that fabulous if you go without it for a while.

Begin kicking this unhealthy habit with How to Wean Yourself off Diet Soda and The Health Benefits of Drinking Water.

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