Super Broccoli Boasts 3 Times the Disease Fighting Power

After 14 years in the lab, scientists have revealed a new breed of broccoli, and if the studies continue to back the claims, this broccoli may really be super for the body.

Super broccoli was created at the Institute for Food Research in Norwich, England. It’s a cross breed of traditional British broccoli and a wild, bitter Sicilian variety that has no flowery head yet a big dose of the nutrient glucoraphanin. The potency of glucoraphanin in this new breed is what is making it so super.

Broccoli naturally contains glucoraphanin, however super broccoli contains two to three times the normal amount. Glucoraphanin works by breaking down fat and preventing it from clogging arteries. There have also been many studies that are pointing to glucoarphanin being a preventative agent for heart attacks and certain cancers. The nutrient is used naturally by plants to combat insects, and in humans it may stimulate the body’s natural chemical defenses, possibly making the body more efficient at removing dangerous compounds.

Loaded with so much powerful potential it’s also supposed to taste slightly sweeter because it contains less sulphur. Currently it can be found in the U.S. in select California and Texas stores, however it’s expected to be spread nationwide later this fall.

It seems odd to some to consume a “created” food. Super broccoli is simply a hybrid and there are no genetic modifications. It’s also falling into the category of an enriched foods, similar to calcium enriched orange juice or fortified cereals.

Broccoli is already a powerful food, and now this new breed will give moms everywhere extra ammo when they tell their kids to “eat your broccoli, it’s so good for you.”

Via: USA Today


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