The 1,500 Calorie Donut Burger

We assure you that this is not a premature April Fool’s Day joke.donut burger

The “Craz-E Burger,” which was created by Food Network star and Southern cook Paula Deen, is a bacon-cheeseburger sandwiched between a buttered Krispy Kreme donut. Yes folks, two of the most saturated fat-friendly foods the American diet has created have joined together in a ceremonious union of heart attack meets muffin top.

The queen of Southern cooking, known for her very generous use of butter, first pioneered the burger on her food show. The heart-stopping creation was picked up by the restaurants and sandwich dives all over the country; including the Big E agriculture fair this past summer in Massachusetts, where more than 1,000 sold to curious and risk-taking fair-goers.

While the version of the donut burger that is making headlines is made with bacon, beef, cheese and of course donuts, the original gut-busting burger that Ms. Deen whipped up on her show called for the addition of a few fried eggs atop the heap of cardiac-arresting ingredients.

The nutrition facts that follow are only for those who have never eaten the donut burger. And since ignorance is bliss, for those of you who have chowed down on this monstrosity, we ask that you stop reading right now.

Calories: 1,500

Fat grams: 45-70 (will vary depending upon ingredients and inclusion of fried eggs)

Percentage of calories from fat: 50-65 percent

Estimated calories per bite: 100

Here is a clip from Good Morning America as the co-hosts braved a bite of the Donut Burger.

And here’s Paula preparing the concoction herself:

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