The Mechanical Bull Riding Workout

PBR (Professional Bull Riding) is in full swing and the finals are happening right now in Las Vegas, Nevada. Bull riding is one of the most extreme sports in the world and it challenges every muscle in the body. Bull riding was first introduced in 1869 in Deer Trail, Colorado at the first ever rodeo. These rodeos were held as competitions between ranches back in the old western days.

Bull riding is considered a “dance” between a bull and cowboy and the winner is decided after 8 seconds. If the cowboy rides for eight seconds, it is considered a ride, or a win, and if he doesn’t, it is a no score and the bull gets the victory. The point scale is decided by a group of judges that judge the cowboy’s technique, as well as the bull’s bucking ability. The scale ranges from zero to a hundred and a ninety plus point ride is considered a great ride.

As stated before, every muscle in the body is pushed to the limit during a bull ride and below is a list of exercises that target the main muscles used during the sport. If you don’t want to hop on a giant angry animal attempting to kill you, mechanical bull riding is popular today as well. For you ladies out there, I recommend incorporating the following exercises into your routine if you ever plan on hopping onto a mechanical bull. An eight second ride will leave you completely sore if you don’t. Believe me, I know from experience!

Bull Riding Workout:

(I recommend performing two to three sets of fifteen to twenty repetitions at a medium weight)

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