Tips for Travelers on Eating Healthier at the Airport

Everyone knows that it can be hard to prevent weight gain on vacation. Between dinners out, hotel breakfast buffets and bottomless frozen margaritas, it can be difficult to prevent the scale from tipping when you hit the road.

Whether you’re planning a pre-holiday getaway or racking frequent flier miles on business travel, start your trip off on the right foot by choosing healthy snacks and meals at your first stop: the airport.

Between boredom and stress-related eating, people tend to make unsavory choices when parked at the terminal. Here are a few tips that real travelers shared for Diets In Review readers who are clocking in miles this year.

Erin Camin, marketing professional: “I go for portable & semi-healthy. Things that are easy to carry around or dump in my bag, like energy bars, bananas, or bagels.”

Mark Hinczynski, pilot: “As one that travels often, I try to pick healthy foods at the airport, but often the choices are limited to non-existent. You just have to do the best you can.”

Joy Jose, writer/web designer: “I honestly try to make the healthiest choice possible. If I remember, I bring my own fruit, but sometimes I pick up an apple and a pack of nuts at the airport to tide me over.”

Katie Thomson, registered dietitian: “I definitely try to eat healthy while flying so I don’t feel gross when I land home or at my destination. I like to pick up Starbucks‘ oatmeal for breakfast and maybe a bar with plenty of fiber and protein for the flight. My favorites are a Kashi or Zone bar.”

Pamela Farnsworth-Smith, interior designer: “My airport choices completely depend on whether my favorite coffee house is there. Ideally, I opt for a low-fat latte and a packaged chicken, roasted red pepper and pesto sandwich. If the choices are limited, I try to pick healthy and opt for a salad from another food vendor.”

Josh Crandall, real estate agent: “Sometimes when I’m at the airport, fast food (like McDonald’s) calls my name, but I always try to avoid greasy, unhealthy food before a long flight.”

What is your go-to airport food to fuel you up right before your flight?

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