Toppik Review (UPDATED 2021): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

 toppikWhat is it?

Toppik is a hair fiber brand that’s made for both men and women looking to cover bald spots and provide the appearance of hair. It’s described as being a safe and natural way to make even thinning hair appear much thicker and fuller. It was rated as being the best product of its kind, click here to gain access to Toppik from their official website.

The company website also mentions how it’s discreet and won’t appear artificial in any way. Toppik is the most reviewed hair fiber brand on, with a current 2,373 customer reviews available. The official website describes it as being a concealer, and it will not regrow hair; instead it will cosmetically enhance any available hair. Toppik is available in 9 different colors including:

  • Light brown, medium brown and dark brown.
  • Light blond, medium blond and Auburn.
  • Grey and white.

Colors can be mixed in order to achieve a different look. It’s advised to mix the following to achieve the described look:

  •  Salt and Pepper: Mixing black and white.
  • Strawberry Blond: Auburn and medium blond.
  • Platinum Blond: Light blond and white.

The benefit of mixing these colors is to provide a natural look that matches your hair color. The FAQ section adds:

“it is often encouraged to mix different shades in order to find the closest match to your own color, especially when working with blond or grey hair”

toppikTherefore, people would benefit from purchasing two different colored bottles of Toppik.

There are also 4 available sizes which are made to be sprayed on and stylized to meet one’s preference. This can be added to ethnic, curly, flowing, and shorter hair. The topical spray is made to help resist against being altered by the following:

It’s also said to last until one washes it out with shampoo. So it can be used all day and night with no worry of suddenly falling out. Only a few shakes to dry hair are required. A spritz of spray is also advised in order to make sure that stays in place. It can also be mixed with hair growth drugs for those who are looking to regrow their hair without any complications.  The company promises:

“Toppik will change the way you feel about yourself every time you look in the mirror”

They also offer YouTube videos in where they apply this to both men and women with instant results.  The stated benefits of this brand include:

  • Ability to conceal hair loss.
  • Works as a root-touch up or can be added in between colorings.
  • Makes even thin hairs appear thicker and fuller.
  • Can cover up extensions, part lines, and resists against losing its form.

They provide a clear description of all the benefits Toppik can provide. Telling before and after photos are provided from both men and women who showed great improvements. It was able to cover up patches and even bald spots. A highlight that the creators say is possible is the ability for it to blend in with one’s hair, and that it won’t appear at all artificial. It is also made to work immediately, improving the overall appearance of hair.

Purchase Toppik directly from the manufactures; click here to be redirected to their official website.

Toppik Ingredients and Side Effects

Toppik does provide the ingredients list on their official website, here are the active ingredients:

Keratin Ammonium Chloride Silica Aqua DMDM Hydantoin

Depending on the color of hair chosen, there are different color additives such as:

C1 15510 C1 15985 C1 17200 C1 61570 C1 45380

Keratin: Natural protein which makes up hair strands. It’s the main key active ingredient in many hair fiber brands. The makers of Toppik charge it with static electricity which is attracted to the negative charge of hair, thus binding to it and making hair appear thicker. It appears almost instantly and its quality can depend on how it’s treated, what other ingredients are used alongside it, and whether or not it’s sufficiently charged.

Keratin is known for being lesser in size than cotton. This makes them easier to wash and dust off. It’s often taken from animal products and can be extracted from hoofs, horns, feathers, claws and other sources.

The Keratin in Toppik is made from organic protein, and they add:

“The Keratin protein comes from a natural wool source, which is the closest match to human hair”

Not all hair fiber brands use a wool derived Keratin source. Wool has the capability to be charged much easier than other similar ingredients. It’s likely to stay when added.  When applying this ingredient to hair it’s known to promote a realistic looking head of hair.  They are accurate in describing it as a close match to human hair, as it is often a well-reviewed ingredient according to users. The official Toppik website also mentions how this main ingredient works:

“will disperse thousands of tiny hair-like fibers that will match your existing hair color, and bond with your own hair to conceal thinning and create a more natural-looking, thicker, fuller, head of hair”

Keratin made from wool has a more robust look to it, and it’s costlier than other forms of Keratin. This is considered the best main active ingredient for brands of this kind.

Provided in this link is the creators website where you can learn more and be able to purchase it with money back return policy.

Ammonium Chloride: This ingredient is extracted from nonliving matter which can be sourced from different things. It’s often added to fertilizer and to add flavor to licorice. It is a thickening agent which can help dyes stick together and it has many known additional uses.

It is also known to act as a diuretic and a reducer of coughs when ingested.

According to Pub it can help balance out pH levels. When used topically it is known to be safe to use.

Silica: Also known as silicon dioxide or quartz. It is a mineral which can also be made artificially. There are many known uses to this ingredient. When added to other ingredients it makes them more free flowing, so they can distribute other additives easier.

It’s naturally absorbent and helps diffuse light. It can be hazardous to eat, but when added to things like cosmetics it’s unlikely to be absorbed. There are bagged up amounts of silica added to things like food in order to prevent moisture from causing any tainting.

DMDM Hydantoin: An antimicrobial preservative that is made up of formaldehyde.

It is likely that in the amounts found it’s unlikely to produce side effects.

C1 15510: Also known as Acid Orange 7 and monosodium salt. It’s added only to provide a unique color to the other dyes. This has been shown to be safe when added to skin according to the EWG, which is a group who analyzes the safety and overall use of topical ingredients.

C1 15985: This cosmetic dye is also known as Yellow 3 and Sunset Yellow. It is considered safe to add to skin, and has a EWG rating of 1, making it unlikely to cause irritation.

C1 17200: This red colorant is known more commonly as Red 33. It is added in low doses in cosmetics and it is unlikely to cause irritation or side effects. This is also known to not accumulate in the body, so even if it were to be absorbed by the skin it would not have any negative side effects.

C1 61570: Known as Green 5 it is commonly extracted from things like petroleum and coal tar. It can also be extracted from animals, plants, and certain kinds of chemicals.

The Environment Canada Domestic Substance List has reviewed this additive and has said it’s:

“Classified as not expected to be potentially toxic or harmful”

This ingredient seems likely safe, especially in the small amounts added to this brand.

C1 45380: The scientific name for D&C Red No. 21. It can be extracted from animals, plants, coal, petroleum, and other sources.

Get access to Toppik from the creators own website by simply clicking on this link; it will redirect you to be able to purchase it.

Toppik Quality of Ingredients

As far as the main ingredient in Keratin, it’s one of the most used hair fiber ingredients for a reason. It can work if it’s extracted from a good source. This main ingredient is what gives shape to hair to make it appear fuller. The rest of the ingredients are either for color, to make the ingredients flow better, or to improve overall texture. The electricity charged wool found in Toppik is a far better Keratin source than other hair fiber brands. It’s likely to stick and not be altered by things like sweat, water, or wind.

DMDM hydrantoin added to Toppik is unlikely to release this additive in any meaningful amounts which may cause damage. This means it is likely to be a safe ingredient.

In examining the rest of the colorants, it’s clear that they offer no risks unlike other processed dyes. These can help deliver optimal colors for one to blend it to their liking. This is why the creators add that it can be mixed and matched to your liking, as it can create different shades suited for one’s own particular hairstyle.

Many other hair fiber brands also contain similar additives which may be potentially harmful, because they often source it from cheaper sources. The quality of ingredients in Toppik can be considered safe in the amounts that are added.  There’s no cause for concern when using this brand and in researching customer reviews, users often commented on how it did not lead to any allergic reactions. This was the consensus for those who were worried about the sensitivity of their scalps.

Judging from the clinical studies on the ingredients and the customer reviews, it uses ingredients which are unlikely to be harmful. These have been well-studied by 3rd party sources as being more than likely safe for all skin types. This is especially important for people who have sensitive skin and who cannot use even mild additives to their skin. Learn about what Toppik can offer and get a hold of it from the official makers; click here to be redirected to their official website.

The Price and Quality of Toppik

The official website sells Toppik for a range of prices depending on the size chosen. Listed on the official website are the following sizes and the corresponding prices:

  • Travel: $7.95 for 0.11 ounces.
  • Regular: $24.95 for 0.42 ounces.
  • Economy: $46.95 for 0.97 ounces.
  • Giant: $79.95 for 1.94 ounces.

Standard shipping is free for all orders, expedited shipping for 2 to 3 days of wait is $16.95 to $21.95, and Next Day Air is $29.95 to $34.95. An additional comb and spray are also sold which are not necessary, but highly advised to make one’s stylized hair appear vibrant and to make it last longer. This also helps make it more customizable, so one can use whatever preferred style one likes.

It’s difficult to give an estimate as to how long each bottle will last, as the length of use depends on the total demand which can vary for men and women.

First time orders can receive a $10 discount if one signs up for an auto enrollment plan. This means customers are sent Toppik automatically and charged without having to authorize each order. While this is potentially risky when dealing with an unknown company, there haven’t been any negative claims against the company’s practices. In reviewing the company there wasn’t anything to suggest they don’t honor their guarantee or have shady practices.

A free gift is also offered, as well as free shipping and it is all backed by their money back return policy.

For a detailed insight into Toppik by the creators, and to purchase it now, simply follow the link provided here.

A regular size bottle of Toppik with a spray applicator and comb sell for $35. This is the bundle package which is suggested as it has all of what’s needed to stylize hair and make it appear a certain way. The company describes it as:

“A 3-piece starter set perfect for anyone who is new to Toppik Hair Fibers and is looking for a cosmetic solution to cover thin, thinning, or fine hair”

Overall, the main ingredient in Keratin is a good way to make hair appear thicker and fuller. However, it’s common to many other hair fiber brands. Keratin extracts can come from many different sources, luckily Toppik uses wool and is charged in order for it to stick better. This makes it an optimal source for fibers as it is the best of its kind. This can be used to give a natural appearance that will stand up to any of the elements like wind, sweat, and water.

Business of Toppik

Toppik is owned by a company of the same name, and they have operations in both Australia and the US. Their contact information is listed as:

Phone Number: (800) 844-2536

Address: 16 Yazaki Way, Carrum Down, Vic 3201 Melbourne

Email: [email protected]

Calls can be made Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM EST, and Saturday through Sunday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST. It’s advised to wait a minimum of 24 hours before hearing a response back if one chooses to email. This is a quick turnaround time and the company seems to abide by this scheduled response time, according to actual users found online.

A full 30 day money back guarantee is offered on all purchases bought from the official website only. Their guarantee is described by the creators:

“If you don’t think Toppik is as effective as we have said it would be then simply return the container, even if it has been used, within 30 days of receipt of your order and we will refund the purchase price, no questions asked”

The return policy is very good and is available with no questions asked if returned within 30 days of when you receive this product. So one can try it for a long period and decide then whether or not it meets your needs. All one has to do is ask for a RMA number and send back the bottle even if it’s completely empty.  The only thing not covered is shipping charges which are standard for most companies.

No one complained about the money back guarantee not being honored however, which is a good sign. There are no complaints about the company from any other organization or website.  No FDA, FTC, or lawsuits have been an issue, and it is clear that the creators have good business practices and can be trusted.

The company’s website also offers a lot of information to help answer any and all questions. They’re upfront about what they offer and they back up their claims with a solid money back guarantee. Judging from all the available information found online, it does appear that they are a reputable and safe company to deal with.

No one has complained of being scammed out of money, or of having to deal with difficult customer service people. Buy Toppik directly from the official manufacturer’s website by clicking on this link.

Customer Opinions of Toppik

Toppik is the most reviewed hair fiber brand out of any other product on both their page, and their official website. This is likely due to their advertising which is seen in many national magazines. Here are some positive customer quotes about Toppik:

“One word MAGIC !!!! MAKES ME FEEL YOUNGER !! Thank you soooo much !!!!!”

“This product is perfect for my thinning hair. Just shake it on, follow with the spray (sold separate), style, and go. The color matches perfect. It is easy, I do truly love it”

“The product was excellent and the service was excellent as well”

“If you just want a fuller looking head of hair without the false promise of shampoos and hair transplants, this is a very natural and easy way to get it”

Customers who had a positive experience added that it looked natural, was better than other hair fiber brands, requires only small sprits to apply, and that it matched their hair color. They feature their advertisements on television as well, and people did mention that all the claimed benefits were attained.

Out of all other similar brands currently available on, Toppik was the most highly rated out of all hair fiber products. They have thousands of positive reviews from both men and women who were pleased with the results they saw.

Get a hold of Toppik in your preferred hair color from the manufacturer’s website by clicking on the link cited.

The official website also has a comment section where users can leave reviews. It currently has 558 out 580 or 96% of people who recommend Toppik.  There are different criteria with a 1 out of 5 rating with a 5 being the highest and 1 being the lowest. Toppik scored the following on their official website:

  • Effectiveness: 4.6
  • Reliability: 4.6
  • Ease of Use: 4.6
  • Discreteness: 4.6
  • Overall: 4.7

With the 558 people tallied up here is the amount of people who gave this brand between 5 stars to 1 star:

  • 5 star: 454
  • 4 star: 108
  • 3 star: 15
  • 2 star: 6
  • 1 star: 10

Judging from all the available comments reviews and tallying of possible criteria, it’s clear that most people had a good experience with Toppik.  The only concerns was from people who did not know how the product was made to work, as some believed it would help to regrow hair. This however isn’t a function of any other similar brands.

Another website called Ulta Beauty also has compiled reviews with a grand total of 109. The following labels show how many of the 109 customers that left a review agreed with what’s said here:

  • Easy to use: 84
  • Effective: 82
  • Good value: 43
  • Lightweight: 32
  • Gentle: 12

One isn’t required to add a label, so although there are 109 reviews, not everyone commented on the above criteria.

There are also many online videos of people using this to help improve the sight of their hair. From all the available data it’s clear that many people have experienced positive results. One can watch YouTube videos from people applying it and stylizing it with different colors and with combs and sprays. People were able to adjust it to fit many different types of hairstyles. This showcases how effective it is at being a solution to thinning hair and bald spots.

Click this link for a detailed insight into Toppik and to also be able to purchase it with a money back guarantee from the official website.

How does Toppik Compare to other Brands?

Toppik is a well-priced hair fiber brand, and it’s also the most highest rated of its kind. So you’re paying for a top ranked product that is the best of its class.

Toppik is also backed by a full 30 day money back return policy if purchased direct, and not all other brands have this kind of support. This ensures that potential customers do not have to worry about potentially losing out on money, or of being potentially in danger of losing out on money.

It also uses a wool derived Keratin as its main ingredient which is not often found in other hair fiber brands. This is an optimal source of fibers as they can be easily applied and shaped to one’s liking. The company also provides informative videos revealing how to best use it, and what kind of impressive before and after results are possible. One man with clear patches of balding was able to make himself appear with a full head of realistic looking hair.

Many other hair fiber competitors will often add potential irritants and carcinogens, but this one has

Ingredients which are fairly safe and unlikely to cause any issue are used. Even the dyes they use are wholesome as they have been studied by 3rd parties to showcase how they are easy to apply and will not accumulate in the body. So instead of it potentially leading to some kind of symptoms, it can provide only a natural dye without any cheap chemicals.

Toppik is found in many stores as well including Target, Wal Mart, Cosmetics Now USA, Sally Beauty, and other online retailers. The best way to get this is from the creators as this makes it easier to process any potential need for returns. They make it easy to contact them as well, and they have a full disclosure and mention of all their practices. No hidden fees or potentially shady business practices have been a concern according to the online community.

Overall, Toppik is the most reviewed brand and seems to be a reliable, high pried yet often enjoyed hair fiber brand according to most customer reviews. The company also seems to be transparent and they offer a lot of support and a full FAQ section.

For people looking for a hair fiber brand with a quality Keratin source that can make hair appear fuller and thicker, Toppik was the most favorable out of all other products. By clicking here you can purchase the top ranked Toppik from the official website.


This brand offers the most comprehensive well-rounded benefits. Customers have approved of it and there are many satisfied reviews to support its use. It is also the most popular brand of its kind as of this writing.

You can purchase this brand direct and it’s intended to give the real appearance of hair in 9 different colors. It’s also supported by a full 30 day money back guarantee, so you can try it without risk if you purchase it from the manufacturer’s website. This is with no hidden penalties or fines. All that is required is to simply return the empty bottle and ask for a return number from the customer service staff within the 30 day period.

Judging from the lack of side effects from customers, it’s unlikely to be at all harmful. The most common things users had to say about Toppik were the following:

  • It was easy to customize and style to one’s own liking. People were able to achieve their preferred hairstyle by making slight adjustments. Those that needed a quick fix also said it was easy to apply.
  • People also complimented the products abilities by saying it surpassed their expectations, and that it performed better than other similar brands. Those that have suffered with hair loss and have seen their hair thin out mentioned they were able to combat that appearance with use by using this.
  • Both males and females said it promoted thicker looking and fuller hair. For those that provided before and after photos, there were clear improvements in the appearance of their scalps. Women with long hair and balding issues posted what appeared to be thick lush hair.
  • Many added that it worked even during times of stress where it could be washed off. This includes light rain, sweat, and wind. So it won’t brush off and expose one’s scalp when one needs it most.
  • No scalp sensitives were experienced, and even those with sensitive skin said they did not have any rashes or blemishes once they washed it off.

The company also seems to be legitimate and they offer a great business model by providing a great money back return policy. Toppik seems to be the most comprehensive hair fiber brand available now, which is why our review experts have said it was the best of its class.  For access to Toppik and to receive it direct from the source, simply click on this link to be redirected.

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