Tracy Anderson’s The Pregnancy Project Helps Molly Sims with 50-Pound Pregnancy Weight Gain

Tracy Anderson was back on morning television today talking about women and pregnancy, but it shouldn’t land her in as much hot water as it did last month! In an interview for DuJour she said, “A lot of women use pregnancy as an excuse to let their bodies go, and that’s the worst thing.” This morning on TODAY she defended that the quote was taken out of context while promoting her newest fitness product.

“I’ve built my career around empowering women,” she said, as her four-month-old daughter Penelope bounced on her knee. Tracy was there to promote her new fitness DVD series for pregnant women, called The Pregnancy Project. She’s also no stranger to excessive weight gain during pregnancy, putting on 60 pounds during her first 13 years ago.

The nine DVDs guide a woman through her entire pregnancy so she can stay fit, active, and healthy for her growing baby and care for herself at the same time. To hear how it works, model and actress Molly Sims joined Tracy Anderson on the show to talk about how she’s worked with the trainer and The Pregnancy Project for her own recent pregnancy (son Brooks is 3.5 months). Tracy called Molly a “shining example” of someone who used her program to “go through her pregnancy and feel connected to the baby.”

Molly described how each month with The Pregnancy Project your focus shifts to something different like arms, legs, or the butt. The videos were shot in real time, following Tracy’s most recent pregnancy. More than just Tracy’s tried-and-true workout philosophy, users receive nutrition guidance and information from doctors, other moms, and even Tracy’s clients.

“It’s overwhelming what your body goes through,” said Molly, admitting to a 50-pound weight gain during her own pregnancy. “It’s hard during and after.” And the pressure we put on ourselves and by society doesn’t make it any easier.

“The pressure is part of the problem,” said Molly. “Because we feel like we have to look like 20-year-olds. It’s not realistic.”

Molly isn’t new to the Tracy Anderson Method, she was interviewed as early as fall 2024 by Health Magazine on how Tracy helped her stay in shape. She credits the trainer with helping her stay in shape, manage a healthy pregnancy, and with helping her to recuperate her body since delivering Brooks.

Tracy closed by saying that an active lifestyle for mom isn’t just great for her in innumerable ways, but that “it sets a great example to the child if you instill the importance of exercise in your life.” With such fit mamas, Brooks and Penelope are no doubt on track for healthy lives themselves.

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