Use DynaDisc to Build Core Strength and Balance

Are you tired of doing crunches on the floor? Is your balance not as good as it should be? Well, the DynaDisc is here to save the day!

DynaDisc is a fourteen-inch in diameter inflatable cushion made out of the same material as a stability ball. This little guy is only a few inches thick, but can withstand up to 2,000 pounds of force per square inch, and offers endless benefits for every fitness level, from beginner to expert.

The DynaDisc works under the same principal as a stability ball- the surface is uneven, challenging your muscles to keep you in proper position. The DynaDisc, however, is flat, so you can stand on it, engaging the stabilizing muscles in your legs and core.

Core exercises on the DynaDisc are the most popular because the DynaDisc supports the lower back, increasing range of motion for better results, but try standing on it while performing other exercises and you’ll see what this baby can do. Your balance will be tested to the max and with plenty of practice, you will definitely improve your balance and stability.

The DynaDisc also provides endless benefits to those who simply sit on it. By sitting on it, your posture will improve, as well as your core balance and stability, which makes it perfect for seniors.

Check below to see the DynaDisc benefits, safety tips, and samples of a few exercises.

Benefits of the DynaDisc:

  • Improve core strength and endurance
  • Improve core stability
  • Improve overall balance and stability
  • Helps improve posture
  • Great way to add a new twist to certain exercises
  • Can be easily stored
  • Great for those who travel
  • Perfect for all age and fitness levels

DynaDisc Safety Tips:

  • Refrain from using if back pain occurs
  • Do not stand on it if you are unstable (to avoid falling)
  • Talk to your physician before starting a new exercise routine

Sample DynaDisc Exercises:

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