Yoga for a Strong, Happy and Healthy Core

The core of a person can be defined in many ways. In the physical sense, the core consists of the muscle groups between the hips and the ribs. In a psychological sense, the core makes up the deep inner-self some might call the soul. In an energetic sense, the core is what makes up the solar plexus, a place in our body that is home to bundles of nerves responsible for those curious gut feelings. Yogis often refer to the solar plexus as the third chakra, the spirited space in our body that governs our self-esteem and feelings of empowerment.

However you view your core, a regular yoga practice has a strong and powerful effect on it. Whether physical, psychological or energetic, your core will be particularly influenced, and the following is a look into why.


Many yoga poses require you to actively utilize your core muscles in order to demonstrate stamina and poise. Both strength and flexibility is important. Ignore these muscles and you’ll begin to struggle, wobble or quite possibly crash down on your yoga mat. Flex and extend them with mindfulness and you’ll be standing, twisting, and folding with an ease that springs forth from your core.


Yoga is a 5000-year old discipline that originated as a means to bring us closer to a higher power, a divine source of love or as a way to connect to our deepest, innermost self. When one embarks on a yoga practice through traditional methods such as Ashtanga or Iyengar, or simply practices yoga to get a yoga butt, something inside is sure to shift, elevate and be brought to light. The soul awakening magic of yoga exists, and the more you practice, the more you understand its meaning and purpose of helping you to be happy right down to your core.


Have you ever had a gut instinct so strong and meaningful, yet you were a little shy or too nervous to act on it? The assurance that comes from a yoga practice can assist you in following through with those mysterious hunches that tickle or tighten your core. Yoga stimulates your third chakra by removing blockages in the channels of energy through it. When your third chakra is healthy, you feel empowered, self assured and ready to act on those gut feelings, with a confidence that beams brightly from your core.

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