You Can Improve School Lunches During National School Lunch Week

school lunchKids are just getting back into the school groove and you may have noticed that you have started to slack on your intentions to send your child off to school with a healthy and nutritious lunch every day. Maybe the chips were on sale or it was faster to hand your kids lunch money instead of a sack lunch.

So before your well-intentioned efforts of healthy school lunches resemble more and more like your New Year’s resolutions in mid-February, the School Nutrition Association has declared the week of October 12-16 as National School Lunch Week. The organization is dedicated to supporting schools in creating healthy, nutritious and affordable school lunches.

But if you are one of the millions of American families who are less than pleased with your child’s school lunch program, there are actions you can take to help improve the quality and variety of the food available in the school cafeteria. The School Nutrition Association has provided these following effective tips:

  • Don’t rely on your child’s word, visit the school cafeteria and observe (and dine) to determine for yourself what today’s school lunches are like. Just clear it with the school’s principal first to make sure it’s OK.
  • Write down your questions and concerns first.
  • Make an appointment with the food services director and present your questions and concerns in a positive manner.
  • Keep in mind that both you and the food services director wants your child to have a nutritious and balanced lunch that he or she will enjoy.

Also, consider talking with other parents and school administrators about starting a school garden project or working with local farmers and food suppliers to distribute seasonal and fresh fruits, veggies, dairy and meat to your child’s school.

The more active role you play in your child’s school lunches, the more confident you will feel that the few dollars you stashed in their backpack will buy them a healthy and nutritious lunch.

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