Zumba Madam Charged in Small Town Prostitution Scandal

Twenty-nine-year-old Zumba instructor Alexis Wright of Kennebunkport, Maine has been charged with 106 counts of prostitution, invasion of privacy, and more. She’s also giving Zumba class a bad name.

The Zumba and fitness instructor has been charging men for sex for the past 18 months, which has generated about $150,000 in income. Police suspect around 150 people of being clients, and they’ve now begun releasing the list of names of those involved. So far only 21 have been named and can be found on the local newspaper’s (York County Coast Star) website.

Wright is also being charged for secretly video taping some of her clients. These incidents appeared to have occurred in Wright’s dance studio as well as an office space she had rented out across the street. Some people were suspicious of the young woman while others were clueless of the illegal activity taking place.

In the weeks ahead police will continue releasing the names of those involved, however, their ages and addresses will be held so their occupations and roles in the community will not be clear to the public. Controversies are taking place over whether or not these names should be released. A local real estate agent, Kim Ackley, believes disclosure of the names will cause temporary pain for the families involved, however, others charged with embarrassing crimes are also put on the spot therefore they must do what is fair by releasing the names. Even though she knows several people on the list, Ackley said, “What’s fair for one has to be fair for the other. The door can’t swing just one way.” Police reports are publicized every other week giving the names of those recently charged with acts like marijuana possession and driving under the influence.

Others, such as  lawyer Stephen Schwartz, believe that releasing these names will ruin people’s lives including the family members of those on the list. Rumors are being tossed around that the list includes well-known people such as law enforcement officers and lawyers of the small-town area with a population of only 10,000. One resident, Leonid Temkin, admitted to having mixed feelings about the names being released because he felt it would ruin marriages and cause these men to lose their jobs. Others have an opposite point of view and believe the list wasn’t publicized soon enough. It seems as if everyone in the small-town of Kennebunkport has a different opinion.

The next time these guys say they’re going to Zumba class, maybe they really should!

Wright has plead not guilty for her 106 charges.

Photo via msnbc.

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