11 Quirky Foodie Friendly Gifts Priced Under $50

Fa-la-la-la and Deck the Halls! It’s Black Friday and you know what that means, zealous bargain hunters will be out in full force, ready to knock you down for a Hello Kitty television. The holiday shopping season has officially begun, so if there’s a foodie on your list, but you’re tired of getting him or her the usual fare, check out the fun gift guide below. Since everything is priced under $50, you can afford to pick up a few things for yourself, too.

salt robot collage

Spice Lab Gourmet Salt Collection – Are you so over table salt? Do you wish sea salt came in exotic flavors? Well, it does and now you can have your very own international sea salt collection. The Spice Lab Gourmet brings you a set of 11 different salt samples from around the world including Bolivian Pink Sunset from the mountains of Bolivia. Mmm, mountain salt. Comes in a stylish wood holder. $44.95

Robot Tea Infuser – Tea is often touted for its health benefits and tea enthusiasts prefer loose leaf for its bold flavor, but brewing can be tricky. The Robot Tea Infuser is a kitschy functional way to brew one mug at a time without ending up with swimmy bits floating around. Just fill up his little chest, attach his adjustable arms to the cup, and plunge him into hot water to steep. $9.99

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Tear-Free Onion Glasses – If you’re tired of onion vapors wrecking your mascara before dinner, put tear-free onion glasses on your list. They slip on and off comfortably, but fit snug like goggles to keep out airborne irritants that cause eye weepage. The only reason you should cry while chopping onions is if you’re also watching the movie Titanic. Seriously, why didn’t Rose just scootch over on that door? Includes storage case. $19.95

Herb Oil Infuser – Now this is fancy infusing! Even famous foodie and self-proclaimed EVOO lover Rachael Ray would be impressed. The stylish carafe lets you add flavor to olive oil by putting a sprig of herb right inside. The plant is partitioned so you get all of the delicious infused flavor without the debris. $15.00

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Brookstone n’ICE Cubes – Don’t you hate it when your booze gets watered down? Who doesn’t? These stainless steel liquid-filled cubes will ensure that your holiday hooch stays at just the right temperature without being diluted. Be a good host and avoid potential dental emergencies by warning your ice-chomping friends before serving. Freeze before using. Set of 6. $24.99

Mr. Sniffles Egg Separator – An easy and completely disgusting way to separate the white from the yolk. Just crack your eggs into Mr. Sniffles head, then tip forward to watch the egg-white slide out of his nostrils like the sinus evacuation of a Neti Pot. Attractive – no. Clever and useful – yes. $14.95

Bev infuser cupcake resize Collage

Three-In-One Beverage Infuser – I have one word for you – SANGRIA! Sure, you can also brew tea and coffee in this three-in-one beverage beauty, but all I can think of is how tasty and bright blueberries, oranges and lemons would be marinating in a red wine and brandy mix. The carafe is gorgeous and the possibilities are endless. $29.50

Cupcake Surprise Pan – What’s better than a cupcake? Well, I mean, besides Ryan Gosling eating a cupcake while holding a kitten? A surprise inside the cupcake! The secret is the post within each cup that allows you to get creative with fillings including cream cheese, regular cheese, chocolate, cherries, and more. Add the surprise, fill with batter, and bake. Perfect for cupcakes and muffins. $14.99

Trongs avocado Collage

Trongs – I like the flavor of barbecued ribs but I hate the mess. My in-laws make them for my husband and I’m the only one at the table who isn’t chowing down like a cave person after a wooly mammoth kill. Now, with these little polypropylene utensils, I can join the feast without cringing. Handy for picking up and dipping a multitude of teeny foods including sushi. Package of 4 Trongs – $9.95

OXO 3-In-One Avocado Slicer – If you devour avocados like I do, you know they can be tricky dudes to peel, pit and slice, especially when they’re still firm. I have an avocado pitting strategy but it involves ninja-like moves with a very sharp knife and I’ll probably end up in the ER one day because of it (and our lawyer won’t let me tell you about it). I was overjoyed when I found this handy tool. It’s definitely going on my list. $9.95

BNTO collage

BNTO – Canning Jar Lunch Box Adapter – Whether you use them for jamming, jellying, sweet tea or Pa’s moonshine, chances are you’ve got a collection of wide mouth canning jars gathering dust on a shelf somewhere. Get ’em back out and get excited, people. BNTO jar adapters divide one jar into two containers, so you can separate your peanut butter and celery, veggies and dip, yogurt and granola – the possibilities are endless. $9.99


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