5 Biggest Diet Myths Debunked on Dr. Oz

Check out Dr. Oz’s November 7 episode to find out the five biggest diet myths people believe today. The stage becomes a scientific laboratory as Dr. Oz dons safety goggles and joins his friend Science Bob to discover what’s true and what’s not in the world of dieting. 

Questions such as “does water shrink your waistline?,” “does aging make you gain weight?,” and “should you wait until you’re hungry to eat?” are debunked as myths as Dr. Oz gives audiences the real truth behind these misconceptions. He shares the shocking myths that your own doctor believes and that he was also told in medical school that simply are not true.

On his site, Oz includes 5 dieting tips demystified, which are some of the things he talks about on this episode. These include myths such as eating fat makes you fat, which is untrue because the body needs healthy unsaturated fats, just not trans fats like ones found in processed foods. Another one is that your metabolism is to be blamed if you’re fat. For 5 percent of the population, this is true with a condition called hypothyroidism, but for the other 95, common sense health practices like not exercising enough or getting enough sleep are to blame.

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