5 Ways to Say No to Food This Holiday Season

We all have that one person in our life who refuses to take no for an answer. Perhaps it’s the office baker who simply can’t understand why you turn down her famous chocolate peanut butter pie. Or maybe it’s Great Aunt Helen who ends every visit with a care package of cinnamon rolls, somehow still warm yet you never saw her turn on the oven.

We all have a food pusher in our lives. They love us but don’t understand us. For them, food is the ultimate expression of love. For us it’s fuel, nothing more and nothing less.

This conflict is never as pronounced as it is during this festive time of year. Not only is food love, it’s tradition. It’s a gift. And it’s not easy to say no to a gift.

But to stay true to who we are and to keep our hard-earned fitness we have to learn to say no. You need to have a holiday defense strategy that includes ways to say no politely but firmly. Here are my top 5 ways to say no to food:

No, thank you. Simple and quick. No need for a detailed reason on why you refuse cake, just move on to the next topic of conversation.

I already ate before I came, but I would love some tea or coffee. A great way to show appreciation for hospitality without extra calories. Having something in your hands will also keep them busy and not reaching for munchies.

I already had some and it was fantastic! Here is white lie number #1. Sometimes you have to do it.

I am so stuffed, but I would love to take some home with me to enjoy later. White lie number #2. Take home for others or to share with office mates.

I’m allergic to (insert secret ingredient here). White lie #3. No one wants to mess with food allergies.

If you are strong enough to say no 11 months out of the year, I know you have the reserve to do it for one more. Savor your success and know that you’ll be ahead of the curve on January 1.

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