Biggest Loser “Save” Goes Home Amid Controversy – We Talk to Craig

Last night on The Biggest Loser, the battered white team was dealt another blow when trainer Jillian Michaels was called out during the final weigh in for giving her team caffeine supplements last week without permission. The public chastising led to a ripple effect of consequences including a four-pound penalty for Jillian’s team and a reversal of last week’s events that gave immunity back to team blue and allowed the convenient return of fan favorite Ruben Studdard.

Unfortunately, the white team could not overcome Jillian’s penalty and Craig fell under the red line – for the second time.

BL Craig 2

We had a chance to speak with Craig about his elimination, his feelings toward Jillian now, and how he’s doing at home:

DIR: Your journey continued with a save from Jillian but ended because of it, how does that feel?

Craig: I know my leaving was premature but it was my time. The five weeks I had at the ranch were amazing and gave me motivation to do it on my own at home. I was actually excited go to back and see my wife and daughter.

DIR: How is your relationship with Jillian? Do you blame her for your exit?

Craig: My relationship with Jillian is great. Fear-wise she helped me through things I never would’ve been able to work through on my own. I’m using everything she taught me and I’m grateful.


BL Craig 1When Craig was asked if he felt like the white team’s penalty was fair, he agreed and even rejects claims that the whole incident was a ploy for producers to get Ruben back on the show.

“You know, I’ve heard that so many times today,” he said. “Ruben is a great guy, he’s my friend and I’m glad he’s coming back. It was just about being fair.”

Caffeine Controversy

He refused to talk about the caffeine controversy itself saying, “The production team handled it. I have no comment.”

Since being home, the 30-year-old married father of one daughter with another baby girl on the way says he’s done well on his weight loss, losing at least 6.5 pounds per week. He’s determined to win the $100,000 at-home prize.

Though his exit may have been due to questionable circumstances, his loyalty to Jillian remains steadfast. He credits their one-on-one talk as being his single most defining moment on the ranch, and her ability to help him overcome his fear of water as the other. “Jillian made me realize what’s important in my life,” he said.

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