Chef Rocco’s Thanksgiving Recipes from Biggest Loser

Everyone has that family member who assumes the role of chef on Thanksgiving. Imagine that person being Chef Rocco DiSpirito. He surprised the Biggest Loser contestants during week 10 with a Thanksgiving spread that had Heba nearly in tears. “This is one temptation I don’t think we’ll be able to avoid,” she groaned, as she looked at the table covered with a turkey and all the trimmings.

Rocco assured them their 10 weeks of hard work would not be in vain, and that they wouldn’t have to put one bite of those traditionally calorie- and fat-laden recipes in their mouths. Instead, he was going to teach them how to make the “healthy alter egos” of these recipes. We have each one of those five recipes to share with you.

Each contestant was assigned a recipe to prepare, to prove that you can have delicious, traditional recipes, but with far more flavor and far less calories and fat.

These five Thanksgiving recipes, created by Chef Rocco, can serve six-to-seven people and in most cases have only five simple steps to follow.

Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey Breast, by Ed
The original had 480 calories; Rocco’s alternative has 190 calories.

Apple Crumble, by Amy C.
The original had 500 calories; Rocco’s healthy alternative has 120 calories.

Turkey Gravy, by Renee
(nutrition facts not available)

Sweet Potato Pie, by Vicky
The original had 350 calories; Rocco’s healthy alternative has 102 calories.

Braised Collard Greens with Red Wine, by Michelle
(nutrition facts not available)

Herb Turkey Sausage Stuffing, by Heba
Original had 400 calories; revised facts not available.

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9 Responses to Chef Rocco’s Thanksgiving Recipes from Biggest Loser

joni says:

thanks so much for posting these recipes!! i think they’ll turn out great!!

gail says:

May I get the recipe for the stuffing

Carole says:


Thanks for the recipes. Could you post the stuffing one?


Nicole says:

I was hoping these recipes would be published. Thanks so much, I can’t wait to try them.

cindy says:

Does anyone have the stuffing recipe from Biggest Loser? If so please post.

Sammi says:

These sound even better than the regular ones! YAY Rocco!

Brandi says:

The stuffing recipe is now published. Thanks!

jen says:

im so happy that these are posted on the internet. at this time of year its really hard to keep on track. this will help so much! thank you to Rocco for the recipes and thanks to whoever posted them. you are saving lives… indirectly!

Laura says:

Is there a cookbook with these exact recipes?

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