Chicago McDonald’s to Test Healthier Happy Meals

McDonald’s has never really been known as a place to go for a healthy meal. Now they are trying to change their image, and are hoping consumers will respond positively.

McDonald’s is attempting to create healthier Happy Meals and the first area to test the new menu is Chicago. In this new Happy Meal, kids will get less fries, some apple slices and milk instead of the standard Happy Meal components. McDonald’s has offered fruit as a substitution to fries for many years in the Happy Meal, but it had to be requested until now.

The default for Happy Meals has always been French fries and the drink of your choice alongside a hamburger, cheeseburger or chicken nuggets. The new healthier option will be the first time that the Happy Meals will default to a fruit in an effort to address the challenges kids face in meeting the recommended daily consumption of produce. McDonald’s has plans to roll this Happy Meal out to all of their locations by March.

This news comes at a time when our country is pushing hard to fight childhood obesity. Thankfully, many fast food chains are making a commitment like this to offer healthier meals for kids. Some restaurants that have committed to offering these healthier meals are participating in the Kids Live Well initiative. Elements that parents should be looking for when opting for a fast food kids meal are plenty of fruits and vegetables, a lean protein, whole grains and a low fat dairy product. While cooking meals at home is ideal for healthy eating, these new healthier offerings are a step in the right direction for instances when fast food is your only option.

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