Cutting Calories With Rocco DiSpirito on The Doctors

I count calories. I’m not always happy about it, but since the magic thin pill hasn’t been perfected just yet, and I like my skinny jeans, I count those pesky calories. I’ve entertained many fad diets, metabolism boosters, and have literally run myself until I’ve broken. None of these tools have been as effective in maintaining weight as a notebook and a food scale.

This Tuesday, November 15, 2023, celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito will join the cast of The Doctors to discuss this very issue on the show. DiSpirito is also giving away some great calorie cutting tips, many I plan to be marking in my trusty little notebook.

The episode will be themed, “Thinner, Younger, and Sexier in 30.” DiSpirito will be revealing 30 calorie savers from his new book, Now Eat This- 100 Quick Calorie Cuts. These cuts are surprisingly easy and impactful. For example, using all fruit jam instead of butter on your morning toast will save 370 calories a week. Other great tips include doubling the celery in tuna salad, ordering half the cheese and doubling the veggies when you get pizza, or substitute salsa for queso dip at a party. All of these simple ideas will save hundreds of calories and sacrifice no flavor.

The general idea is to honor those pesky calories yet not become a diet food eater. DiSpirito says this method is for the person who doesn’t want to diet and who doesn’t want to exercise. He hit the nail on the head when it comes to weight loss. It’s not about the latest gym group exercise class or a rigid diet plan, it’s just about calories.

One of his reveals is one of my favorite calorie cutters ever. DiSpirito will be promoting zero calorie noodles. Noodles, people!! I thought being thin and eating pasta would never co-exist until I found these. I buy shirataki yam flour noodles from the tiny Asian Market grocery store in town. The owner knows what I’m coming in for when I enter the door, too. I load my basket with a month supply every time. They aren’t exactly comparable to a traditional spaghetti noodle, they are more like a rice noodle, but I couldn’t care less as I eat my noodles and don’t have to write them down in my notebook!

Dr. Stork and Jillian Michaels will also be talking about how important adding every calorie really is. For instance, every teaspoon of oil you add as you’re cooking equals 100 calories. Those calories are sneaky and really stack up quick, then they like to proudly show up on your thighs later on.

I’m making peace with counting calories. I’m very excited to see if DiSpirito can teach me some more great ways to cut calories off of more of my favorite foods. It’s annoying at times when I have to pull out my notebook and start adding before I can order or make dinner plans. However, as I was paying for my zero calorie noodles recently, the sweet clerk said, “Why do you need these? You are so thin!” Hummm?? There might be a reason for that.

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