Exclusive Sneak Preview: Biggest Loser Kids Return to the Ranch with Let’s Move’s Sam Kass

The youngest members of The Biggest Loser family return to the ranch tomorrow night to catch us up on their progress, but to help teach the season 15 contestants how to cook healthy food that kids want to eat!

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Sunny, Biingo, and Lindsay are such great examples of how a health-conscious life can benefit the individual and the family as a whole. In fact, since appearing on Biggest Loser last season, Biingo’s family has collectively lost more than 200 pounds! These teens look better than ever, and it’s clear they feel good, too!

biggest loser kids and sam kass

They join Sam Kass, executive director of first lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move!, as the current batch of contestants face their first cooking challenge of the season. Their task? Cook a healthful meal that everyone will love, even the youngest members of their families. As Alison reminds, their healthy new habits don’t just exist on the ranch; these men and women are developing new habits and knowledge to take home for themselves and their families.

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