Extra Weight Put On During Pregnancy Linked to Bigger Babies

According to a new study, women who gain more than 40 pounds during pregnancy are about twice as likely to give birth to a heavy baby compared to those that gain weight within the recommended range. This is not good! Mothers of babies who weigh more than about nine pounds at birth are at greater risk for birth complications, and heavy babies are more likely to be overweight or obese later in life. Which also means that child will be exposed to more weight related complications, i.e. diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure, etc.

These findings are very important and pregnant women should be strict about staying within their recommended weight gain for their pregnancy (range varies depending on the mother’s current weight status… i.e. underweight, overweight, obese, or normal weight). It is very important that pregnant women and their physicians take this matter seriously and for the doctors to do a better job of counseling women or referring them to a dietitian about their weight gain.

A few tips for achieving a healthy pregnancy diet:

– Choose lean sources of protein

– Select whole grains and complex carbohydrates

– Avoid refined sugars and processed foods

– Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

– Choose low-fat milk and drink plenty of water.

– Try to plan meals ahead and not give into too many fatty food cravings (snack foods, cakes, soda and candy).

– And, talk to your doctor about an exercise regimen

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  1. DR says:

    It’s not really too surprising…

    Here is some research shows that moms who eat junk food (a diet high in sugar, fat and salt) doom their kids to a life of obesity, high blood sugar, high levels of circulating insulin, high triglycerides and/or cholesterol…. http://healthhabits.wordpress.com/2008/07/01/why-is-america-so-fat-in-utero-big-macs/

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