Fall Into Fitness: Adjusting Your Workout for the Season

Well, Fall has officially arrived which makes it even harder to be physically active. I love running outside, but the cold weather and wet days put a damper on that; so I have to adapt and plan my workouts inside. Today I am going to talk about a few activities and ways to modify your workouts to beat the Fall season. First, I want to discuss a few Fall activities and the calories expended during each one.

1. Fall means tons of beautifully colored leaves all over your yard and raking the leaves is a must do and a fairly decent exercise as well. A 150 pound person would roughly burn around 225 calories an hour while raking leaves.

2. Another Fall activity is maybe going to a corn maze, a nice long hike through the woods or through a local park. These activities are similar to walking on the treadmill, but add a spice and prevent boredom. An hour of these activities burns around 333 calories for an 150 pound person.

OK, now to adjust your outside workouts to the boring and dreaded indoor workout. First, if you are a runner there is really no other way but to hit the treadmill or indoor track (if your gym has one). If you are a walker, you could either hit the gym, hit the local mall or a large facility where you can walk laps and people watch (which takes your mind off of your exercise). You can also find a large building or hotel and walk the stairs. Several flights of stairs is a great workout for just about anyone. This is a great way to get your heart rate up and build that lower body muscle strength and endurance.

Top 5 Indoor Exercises

1. Treadmill (Brisk walk burns around 300 calories an hour)

2. Running Track (Running at 8 minutes/mile burns around 900 calories an hour)

3. Stairs (Walking up and down stairs burns around 700 calories an hour)

4. Fitness Class (Medium impact class burns around 500 calories an hour)

5. Stationary Bike (10 mph burns around 450 calories an hour)

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