Fast Lunches for When You Don’t Have Time to Eat

When the day seems to slip away from you, full of  meetings and deadlines, lunch is the last thing on your mind.  Studies have proven that skipping meals can hurt weight loss efforts, not to mention affect your physical health and concentration.

Instead of skipping your midday meal in favor of a marathon status meeting, keep these mini-meals at your desk for when you need a healthy lunch in a pinch.

Starkist Tuna Salad Sandwich-Ready Pouch: For just 100 calories, the pouch comes with with low-fat mayo, water chestnuts, celery and relish already mixed in—just pack whole wheat crackers or bread for a quick tuna salad with all the fixings.

Wasa Crackers with Apple & Laughing Cow Cheese: Spread two Wasa Whole Grain Crackers with two wedges of Laughing Cow Cheese. Top with a sliced apple for a combination of sweet + salty that will tide you over until you can eat a more complete meal.

Udon Soup: I’m usually a proponent of making and freezing your own meals instead of using prepackaged but you can stash Annie Chun’s Udon Soup bowl in your desk for a fast, warm, and comforting meal.

Whole-Wheat Pita & Peanut Butter: You can keep a jar of peanut butter just about anywhere. While it is higher in fat than other sandwich toppings, it is filling and offers protein. Top two tablespoons on half of a whole wheat pita for a combination of fat, protein and whole-grains that will keep you sated all afternoon.

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