Fitness for Kids Launches in U.S. with Laila Ali and NFL Star Curtis Conway

Six-time “Mr. World Fitness,” Franco Carlotto is bringing his proven children’s fitness program, Fitness for Kids, to the United States. This program for elementary school aged children helps teach them healthy habits to combat the problem of childhood obesity. Fitness for Kids has been a success in Switzerland over the last five years and Carlotto is hoping for the same success here in the states.

The Kick-Off Event for Fitness for Kids took place at Tarzana Elementary in Los Angeles with boxing star Laila Ali and NFL player Curtis Conway acting as Ambassadors. Overall there are over 80 Ambassadors internationally. The Ambassadors range from Olympic medalists, actors, politicians and American sports icons.

The Fitness for Kids initiative aims to help American kids embrace respectful life attitudes, track daily activity and incorporate healthy nutrition into their lives. This program is a great way for kids and parents to work together towards the goal of getting kids to live healthier lives at a younger age.

During the program, instructors work with kids ages five to 12 on how to keep a daily fitness journal including their minutes of daily activity, how many fruits and vegetables they eat daily and how many glasses of water they drink. Instructors perform a personalized Fitness-Check for each child to evaluate their fitness levels during the six to eight weeks the program is active in the participating school. Completion of the Fitness for Kids program rewards students with a diploma and t-shirt, but the long-term goal of the program is to teach organizational fitness as part of daily life. It also aims to teach kids to take leadership roles as future Ambassadors and continue to educate and motivate young children.

Fitness for Kids is a great program to help kids learn to implement fitness into their lives. Parents don’t have to wait for the program to come to their child’s school to start taking action though- encourage your child to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and get 60 minutes of activity a day.

Via San Francisco Chronicle

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