Get a Grocery Makeover with the Healthy Family Grocery Shopping Guide

groceriesWe all get into a grocery shopping rut. We walk through the store, either with or without a shopping list, and toss the same items into the cart each shopping trip. They may or may not be the best choices for our bodies. Recently, I agreed to share my grocery list with Amy Crews, Holistic Health Counselor and editor of the Natural Health Newsletter here at

I provided my grocery list in six areas: Fruit/Veggie, Bread, Frozen, Dry Goods, Meat, and Cold items (like dairy). As you will see, the list of foods that I buy could stand some improvement. Why not use this list as a springboard to make over your own grocery list, keeping in mind that the most important changes to your shopping list need to be both manageable, sustainable and will help you to be as efficient and healthy as possible – always a bonus for all of us!

See our Healthy Family Grocery Guide now. Download, print, and use to inspire your own grocery makeover!

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