Get Sexy Arms By Christmas With this Weekly Yoga Routine

Christmas parties and other such holiday events bring our favorite dresses out of the deep corners of the closet and revive them back to life, but often these dresses are of the sleeveless variety. From the candy-devouring weeks before and after Halloween, to eating our way through November, our bodies can become puffed, plumped and primed for baggy sweatshirts, rather than our sleek holiday get-up.

If you work hard and follow this plan starting right now, you will be showing off your sexy guns by the time you grace your first Christmas party. The only downside is that you will make your friends envious as you parade around looking fabulous.

For the best results, couple this daily yoga routine with a low-fat diet.


Perform 8 Sun Salutations, specifically Surya Namaskar A. This actually tones your entire body, but will definitely work your arms for your desired results. It is also a great way to greet the day, giving you a positive outlook on life.


Do arm circles for five minutes. Yes, you read that right. Reach both arms directly out to the side and make circles (about the size of a Christmas party disco ball) in both directions. If you must take a break, do so, but just for a few seconds. This will give you those gorgeous, rounded and sculpted shoulders that will have people talking.


Perform 10 Sun Salutations, only this time 5 Surya Namaskar A, and 5 Surya Namaskar B. By adding warrior I into the mix you will be using your legs and this will have you burning more calories, therefore helping you to slim down your arms.


The following triceps work targets the long head of the triceps muscle group (the one that tightens up that low hanging flabbiness along the back of your arms.)

Lay on your belly with both arms by your sides. Lift your upper body and both arms with your palms facing up. Stretch your arms as far back as you can while making them as straight as you can. Now, squeeze your thumbs together without bending your elbows, pulse your arms here and feel the backs of your arms firm up beautifully. Continue for up to one minute.


Perform 8 Sun Salutations (either A or B) but hold plank pose and chaturanga for three breaths each instead of one. This will challenge your shoulders, triceps and biceps for overall arm toning.

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