Gummy Vitamins For Adults

gummy vitaminsAs a young Army brat in my tween years living in Germany, I have distinct memories of enjoying the original German Gummy Bears, known there as  Gummibär (rubber bear) or Gummibärchen (little rubber bear). I also enjoyed another German treat that made its way over to the States, Capri Sun, but that’s getting off subject a bit.

My wife and I have been giving my three-year-old daughter gummy bear vitamins for a year or so now. We’ve found it an easy way to get her to supplement her very finicky diet. And I even find myself occasionally dipping into her stash.

Then, a few months back I see a commercial for gummy vitamins… marketed to adults! It must have gotten back to them that we parents like ’em too. I don’t recall the maker, just that there was a guy acting child-like in the supermarket. A quick “Googling” only unearthed a company called Slice of Life that makes allergen- and gluten-free gummy vitamins for adults.

Not only do the Slice of Life vitamins come in a multi-variety, but there are ones for special needs such as Vitamin C, omega-3, B12, among other even more specialized nutritional needs.

Some people have a hard time remembering their daily vitamins, or just don’t look forward to them enough to make it a habit. If you have a soft spot for gummy candy like I do, maybe try one of these.

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