HealthBuzz November 23: Holiday Gift Guides, BestLife and DIR’s Holiday Survival Guide, and Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

Take a break from your Black Friday shopping to catch up on some healthy news! This week’s headlines from DIR include our 2024 Holiday Gift Guides, AB Circle Pro Paying Millions in Refunds, and the Risks Muscle-Enhancement Supplements Pose on Teens. We also have news from our partners at Best Life, Care 2, Organic Consumer, and a recipe from the blog Nook and Pantry.

2024 Holiday Gift Guides: Shop and Win This Year’s Hottest Fitness and Foodie Gear

Having trouble finding a gift for a runner, gym rat or yogi? DietsinReview is here to help with your Christmas gift shopping dilemma. There’s even a chance for you to win some highly sought after items yourself! Scan the slide show and check out the details on how you can win the hottest fitness and foodie gear this holiday season.

AB Circle Pro Must Pay up to $25 Million in Refunds

Looks like another fitness company has to pay refunds to consumers for false advertising. AB Circle Pro users were promised they could lose 10 pounds in two weeks by using the machine. Clearly, this is not a realistic goal nor is it healthy for those who used the AB Circle Pro. If you purchased an AB Circle Pro make sure you get your refund as soon as possible! Check out the article for details.

Teens Using More Muscle-Enhancement Supplements Leaving Experts Concerned

If you have a teenager in the house that consistently visits the gym, you might have noticed them using protein shakes and supplements to bulk up. A new report out this week showed that more teens are using protein powders, shakes and even steroids to gain muscle, which could be putting them at risk for body dissatisfaction and other more serious health problems. Help your teen stay informed about the dangers of muscle-enhancement supplements, and guide them toward more natural solutions for gaining strength.

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