Highly Evolved: The New Grocery Shopper is Savvy, Cavalier and Frugal

Halloween may be over, but in the coming weeks, grocery stores across the country are going to become terrifying places. Hordes of shoppers will flock to supermarkets to stock up on sundries for Thanksgiving, Christmas and a myriad of other holiday soirees. If the clinking and clanking of steel in the aisles seems to be a bit more cacophonous this year, that’s probably because most shoppers are searching for deals on their smart phones.

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Our friends at advertising agency Sullivan, Higdon, and Sink (SHS) put together an illuminating white paper on the subject, and found that smart phones, privacy issues and food packaging have changed the check-out game. Shoppers are using phones to find the best coupons and are increasingly more cavalier with what personal information they share.

Over 160 million Americans own mobile phones, and they’re bringing them to the grocery store. SHS reveals that “44 percent of shoppers have utilized a mobile phone in the grocery store to aid them while shopping.” Shoppers use smart phones to look up recipes, access store apps and coupons, learn more about food brands, scan QR codes and check competitors’ pricing.

In a social media culture where everything is shared, it’s no surprise that most shoppers—especially young adults—are “willing to offer their information to gain access to great deals.” We’re talking about loyalty cards, people. If shoppers can build up points and save on food and gas with a grocer’s loyalty program, they’re more than happy to give up their address, phone number, and email.

At DIR, we stress that you should always analyze the claims made on food packaging. Start with the nutritional facts and look for asterisks next to “Organic” or “Natural.” It seems like most shoppers are starting to get it. Seventy-Five percent of shoppers pay attention to what’s written on food packaging, with females and gourmands as the most concerned demographic. According to the white paper, “Almost 3 out of 5 shoppers sometimes or always try to learn more about claims on packaging that they question or don’t fully understand.” Cue the smart phones.

Oh, and people actually enjoy grocery shopping these days. More people—47 percent—enjoy grocery shopping that people who don’t, 17 percent. People who enjoy this chore tend to be skilled cooks and foodies who thoroughly enjoy providing their family with quality meals. The study proves that when enticed with great deals and rewarded for loyalty, shoppers will take pride in their supermarket expeditions. But be wary as you traverse the aisles this holiday season; texting and driving is still legal if your vehicle’s a shopping cart.

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