Holidays Actually Create More Time to Workout

By Melisa Wells from Suburban Scrawl

I’ve been a group fitness instructor for nearly eight years now, and until recently it’s never been difficult for me to “find the time” to exercise. I get paid to teach classes on a schedule and although every class I teach doesn’t provide the best workout for me personally, it’s still scheduled time for me to move. A couple of years ago, I was up to teaching nine classes each week and I felt really great. Gradually though, due to the economy and changes in club scheduling, I started losing classes and now teach only one—a cycling class—each week.

Suddenly it became necessary for me to “find the time” to exercise. I have been taking Zumba classes and recently restarted Jillian Michaels30 Day Shred at home. I’m starting to feel good again, but Thanksgiving looms.

I have nothing against the holiday, really. Thanksgiving is full of family togetherness. Unfortunately, it’s also full of food, which seems to go without saying, but when you’re the type of person who is trying to get back into fighting shape, the thought of a food-focused holiday is a little stressful.

It’s okay though: I have a plan.

Rather than take the holiday weekend off from my exercise schedule like many people do, I’m putting my sneakers, workout clothes, and iPod on the top of everything else in my suitcase, and I’m actually going to increase my daily workout time. My family won’t mind if I disappear for an hour or more each day to get my fitness on, and I might even have some company. Whether I walk first thing in the morning or after meals—or both—the physical activity will relieve the calorie intake and make me feel accomplished and happy, and if there’s any kind of stress that needs to be relieved, physical activity will definitely help with that, too!

The best part is, after a five-day holiday weekend with family, I’ll go right back to my normal exercise routine on Monday without missing a beat.


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