How One Woman Achieved Weight Loss Success

suzanne zaleskiGuest blogger, Suzanne Zaleski is an account manager at Six Sigma Blackbelt in Indianapolis. She is also a strong supporter of philanthropic organizations and is seeking to use her newfound love for running as a platform for charitable contributions.

Over several years I gained weight by overeating and being inactive. I slept poorly, was stressed out and had headaches daily. My energy level was lower than ever. The calories I needed to feel full kept increasing and my largest sizes became snug. Finally one day I had enough. I became committed to get back in shape. 

I reduced my caloric intake to 1,200 per day. My diet included dairy, monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), fresh fruits and veggies, fiber-rich foods and a gallon of water every day. Drinking water before and during eating helped me feel full. Over time it was hard to finish the small portions on the diet.


I started with three days a week of low impact exercises and then I began using an elliptical machine. During the last two last months of my diet, I took up running, which had a major impact. A friend encouraged me to sign up for a race to benefit a charity. While skeptical, I committed to the 5k and had a decent run-time for a novice runner. I was elated and signed up for the Indy-Mini. I have also registered for additional races this fall. I love running. Like the wind in my sails, it energizes me and helps me to mentally process my thoughts, emotions and actions. Unlike a machine you can’t just quit, you have to walk back to where you started. There’s something about running that keeps drawing me back.

I lost more than 20 pounds and seven inches off my waist. I’m down three sizes and hope to lose another by spring. I love being in shape again. The best part is that all of my smaller sizes fit me again. This summer was the first time I wore a bikini in years. I’m ecstatic at my progress and I’m surpassing my goals. I never want to go back to that stressed-out couch potato that I let myself become.

My advice to anyone out there who wants to lose weight is to stop seeing your weight as happening to you. You CAN take control. You can do anything.

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