How to Eat According to the Middle Way

raspberriesGuest blogger Mary Claybon RN, M.Ed. is the managing member of Promoting Health: The Middle Way, LLC. She is a certified wellness coach and engaging speaker. Mary works with professional women and men who are working on lifestyle changes and understands the importance of the mind/body/thought connection to wellness. You can also read more about Mary through her personal blog.

The Middle Way is the path to moderation, avoiding extremes and living a life of joy and balance. Let’s face it, food is all around us and it’s not just about eating. It’s about socializing, sharing, tasting, cooking, and savoring every bite, and enjoying holidays, celebrations, international cuisine and travel. Food is such a part of all of our lives, and yet it has been used in excess and with lack of enjoyment.

Food is often considered evil unless it is low fat, low calorie, healthy, fresh, natural, organic, and low sodium. There are more obese people in the world than there has ever been and there are more people on diets than ever. What’s the problem? We have lost our ability to enjoy food. And we lack the energy to enjoy movement.

I loved the “Julia and Julie” movie where both women’s lives revolved around cooking and tasting great food, some of it sautéed in rich butter sauce or desserts exuding a chocolate and rich decadence all topped off with a delightful glass of wine.

The Middle Way is the path to getting back to sensible eating and realizing that no food need be off limits as long as we are eating the foods we love and that nourish our bodies with moderation. And when our bodies are nourished, it is natural to exercise and move using the energy taken in from our meals.

Although we have been taught that we should eat to live and not live to eat, eating is a pleasure and is definitely something to enjoy and live for. However, it is important to practice a sense of mindfulness when considering the foods you eat.

Get in touch with the foods you love, what tastes and situations you are hungry for, and then satisfy yourself in a way that feels nourishing to the body and the mind.

By practicing the Middle Way, you will enjoy food and the experience of eating and drinking while balancing your weight on the scale and your life.

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