How to Lose Weight with Protein

protein-powder-nutritional-supplementProtein is an essential nutrient the body needs to function normally, and it satisfies hunger better than fiber to help support weight loss.

Studies have shown that it not only suppresses and satisfies appetite for hours, but it also boosts metabolism.  One such study by the Maastricht University Medical Centre found :

“appetite suppression and fat oxidation were higher on a high-protein diet”

Therefore protein has great advantages in helping support real weight loss. To find the top 10 protein shakes, you can click here.

What to Look for in Protein?

Not all forms of protein are equal however. There are both essential amino acids and unessential amino acids that are in things like animal and plant based protein. These amino acids are known as the building blocks of life because they make up the cells in our body.  The roles are different for amino acids:

  • Essential Amino Acids: Must be found in foods such as meats, eggs, dairy, and more. If one fails to receive these key nutrients, it makes it hard to achieve weight loss and a normal functioning body.
  • Non-essential Amino Acids: Made by the body naturally and not necessary to supplement with via food.

Some of the best protein is found in whey since it has all the essential amino acids.

Whey is described by as it possibly being:

“ healthier than other forms of protein ”

When the right brand made with whey is chosen, it can offer a wholesome source for important protein. Look for the best ones shakes right here.

The Best Protein Source

The best weight loss product reviewed is 18Shake. It provides:

  • Low calories.
  • No artificial sweeteners, colors, or any kinds of unwanted additives.
  • 15 grams of whey protein per serving.
  • Full range of vitamins and minerals.
  • Natural ingredients.
  • A full meal prepped by just adding liquid and mixing with no blender needed.

Due to it having only 90 calories per serving and 15 grams of whey protein, it’s unlike any other protein source available. 90 calories replace a full meal which can be upwards of 800 calories or more. Typically a meal will also provide vitamin and minerals, which are added in high amounts to 18Shake. This gives the satisfying nutrition and appetite suppression of a high protein meal without excess amounts of calories.

The 15 grams of protein also helps to suppress appetite for hours.

The World Cancer Research Fund has also recommended the following amounts of protein:

  • Women: 19 years and older require around 46 grams or more.
  • Men: 19 years and older require around 56 grams or more.

At 2 servings of 18Shake a day you get 30 grams of protein, making it easy to satisfy the daily recommended intake of protein.

Another great part of 18Shake is that because it’s easy to make and said to be great tasting by customers, it can make for a satisfying meal. This makes it simple to lose weight by having instant access to a nutritionally strong meal in only minutes.


When looking to lose weight it’s important to make the right choices in protein. It’s been shown to boost metabolism, suppress appetite, relieve hunger, and help burn fat. Protein also helps regulate important body functions which are especially needed when reducing calories for weight loss.

The best weight loss product on the market is 18Shake.  It’s made up of quality whey protein which has all the essential amino acids, rich amounts of vitamins and minerals, and it’s made with just 90 calories per serving.

Customers have reviewed it favorably for its ability to suppress appetite for hours, while providing a nutritionally wholesome and satisfying meal.  18Shake makes it easy to lose weight without the hard sacrifice often required in diets. Click here to read full 18shake review.

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