Interview with Coleen Skeabeck, Eliminated Biggest Loser Week 9

UPDATED: Watch now – interview with Coleen Skeabeck at the Biggset Loser Season 6 Finale.

Coleen is easily one of the most down-to-Earth, genuine individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of talking with. Not only do I follow Biggest Loser to keep all of you fans updated, but I’m an avid fan of the show and each week get even more emotionally involved than is healthy for one to have with a TV program. So last night as Coleen’s name was revealed on Amy C.‘s tray, I cried like a big baby. Coleen is still at home working hard and says she has not stepped on the scale in a couple of weeks. Down from a size 22 and XXXL shirts that she wore at the start of Biggest Loser: Families, Coleen is ecstatic to share that she’s now wearing size medium tops and size 10 pants and dresses.

The biggest change in her daily routine has been that she’s very active. She used to just lounge around, but now she hits the ground running everyday. Part of that busy schedule is a lot of gym time, and she concentrates pretty heavily on cardio. She’s even staying on top of dad, Jerry, to make sure he’s active at the gym as well.

Coleen shares two misconceptions that she had as a viewer and thinks most of at home probably don’t understand either. She said watching from home you can’t know how “hard it really is,” that they spend “hours and hours” in the gym everyday, and that “as a viewer you can’t know how painful it is.”

This Thanksgiving, Coleen revealed that she’d prefer to just hide from everyone. Instead, she and Jerry are going to participate in Cleveland’s Turkey Trot, a Thanksgiving day race, and she’s saving her calories to enjoy a piece of pumpkin pie. “Jillian taught me that you don’t have to give it up, you just have to factor in the calories.” She reminded us of the old adage “calories in, calories out.”

These days, Coleen is no longer “just existing and letting life pass [her] by.” She believes she deserves to be happy and will never “settle for less again.”

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Melanie says:

I really wanted Coleen to win too. She’s such a sweetie and Vicky is only in it for the money. What a …she doesn’t care who she stomps on. I don’t know who I am going to cheer for now…I hope Vicky and Heba crash and burn next week…Booooooo!!!

Sharon says:

Coleen is such a sweetie and an inspiration to everyone who has even just a few pounds to lose. She’s the personification of class and positivity…and should be seriously proud of her success with the scale and with her diet for what will be the rest of her life.

As for Vicky — Amy did what she needed to do, and Vicky will get played by the game and beaten by herself. NBC can’t allow Vicky to win — she’s hated by so many people, if she does end up winning TBL, the viewership will go down next year and that wouldn’t be good for the network.

Everyone who’s been on the show is a winner, and they all are losers in the best sense of the word! 🙂

Nanci says:

Coleen is so special..her enthusiasm, bright spirit and willingness to encourage others will keep her an inspiration to millions. Thank you for the interview.

Dave says:


You have always been an inspriration in my life even when I never showed it. You were always a great friend to me through all of the hard times and I am so happy for you that you had this opportunity and took full advantage of it. You deserved it! You look great and I hope the best for you. Keep up all the hard work.

Screw VICKY!!! what a !

Avid Watcher says:

I am so depressed that the only person I still believe in supporting on TBLF is now GONE! And to think she was sent home when the choice was her or Vicky…I know how I would have voted! Coleen is TRULY the inspirational character in this story…COLEEN will be the one people stop in the street to tell her how much she inspired them and changed their lives and Coleen will have the strength and wisdom to see how far she’s come and not go back to her old self. I know that Vicky will not be so lucky – even if Vicky wins the whole thing, money can’t buy respect. But it CAN buy facial reconstruction surgery…if she does win, she should really look into that…

Leslie says:

Coleen is an inspiration. I too was overly emotional when she was eliminated. I wish there was a way for this young woman to know how much her class, dedication, and spirit has inspired all that have had the pleasure to witness her on this brief portion of her journey. She is a bright light.

Vickie says:

Loved you on the show, Coleen; Hated to see you leave. I know you’ll continue to do well though. Congrats on your accomplisments!

Patty says:

i completely agree with, “…more emotionally involved than is healthy for one to have with a TV program.”
I totally do not see BL as a show, I feel like I am watching my friends live this amazing opportunity that will forever change their lives. they are people just like me. Coleen has been the greatest inspiration for me, as she is close to me in age and “before” size. ;0)
Coleen has more integrity, respect, love… in her small pinkie than most people can dream to have. she has won the greatest prize and although she hasn’t won “The Biggest Loser” prize…Money can’t buy what she already has. Coleen is a true Gem!

robin says:

sad that colleen was voted off but she will stick with it. she is an big inspiration. vicky,heba are not good people. they are very mean along with vickys husband. they are the worst people i have seen on the biggest loser show ever. the rest that have been on the show are real good people who care about others. to all except for vicky,heba and brady keep up the good work you all inspire me. hope vicky and heba get whats coming to them next week. from penna.

TERRI says:

I am just waiting for the week when Vicky is cut! Sweet revenge…I do not like “ugly” people even if this is a game show. There is a better way toplaythe game.. Can’t wait to see Colen at the finale.. go for the at home prize girl!

Kat says:

I realize that Coleen and all the others work so hard in the gym, I myself try to get two hours in a day and it doesn’t seem like it is enough for me, so I can only imagine what she is/was going through! Coleen and a few others on the biggest loser is a big inspiration to me and my friend. Others on there seem to be out for themselves in a untasteful way..what a shame…their mouths and what comes out of them are sad. But like I’ve said…Coleen and a few others are great Inside and Out! I think the best part is how good and nice they are on the inside….that just makes the outside better!

Ally A. says:

Coleen you are my girl! I loved you from the get go. You are so geniue and true to your word. You inspired me and my fmaily to eat healthy and do the right thing. I wish I was as lucky as you were to get the chance of a lifetime and work out with Julian or Bob…You have set goals for yourself. I wanted to let you know that you did it by yourself from the start. Your dad was the first to go home and you are strong. I know you will continue to be as strong as you are know. Your top was pretty by the way 🙂 WOW a medium. You are the biggest loser in my eyes. Goos Luck on your journey!!!

Smcguire says:

Coleen, I really thought you would make it to the end of the show, BUT, you really ARE a superstar already! I am curious as to your relationship with Amy C. especially since you and Shellay are so close.

I am rooting for Renee & Michelle to still be standing come finale time, and I am betting that the at-home winner will be a VERY close competition! I also think if there is a final 3, that Ed would be the 3rd wheel, NOT Vicky for sure!


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