Interview with Weight Watchers Reveals Holiday Support System

If you’ve followed a Weight Watchers recipe or read an article about healthy eating from Weight Watchers in the past three years, it’s likely Lisa Chernick had a part in it. She’s the Executive Food Editor for Weight Watchers, and she has a passion for helping people find healthful, delicious food.

Lisa’s been with all month as our featured guest blogger, and she’s been talking about ways to get through Thanksgiving without blowing your diet plans. We continued the conversation and asked just how it is that the 45-year old weight loss brand is able to help people during the holidays. “I feel like we have a place to go for answers,” says Lisa, and she explains that Weight Watchers Online is an ideal resource for recipes, getting organized and destressing. The online program offers such a wealth of tools and resources that you’ll wonder how you managed without it.

One of the hot new tools Weight Watchers rolled out is the Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet. This interactive tool lets you drag and drop your choice of nine holiday favorites, like a turkey drumstick or slice of pumpkin pie, on to your plate. After you’ve added everything you plan to eat, it displays the total number of POINTS® you can expect to consume.

The great thing about following a plan like Weight Watchers, especially during these food-packed holidays, is that “Weight Watchers gives permission to indulge,” says Lisa. The POINTS® system allows flexibility, let’s you eat pretty much anything you like, and doesn’t have harsh restrictions on certain food groups.

Hear the entire interview with Lisa now, catch-up on her Thanksgiving guest blogs, or learn more about Weight Watchers.

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