Jillian Michaels’ Wii Game Not Worth the Hype

Update: Check out the Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2019, completely updated!

We were as excited as everyone else to get our hands on the new Jillian Michaels for the Nintendo Wii- Fitness Ultimatum 2019. It seems anything Jillian touches turns to fitness gold. We’re huge fans of hers, and have always had nothing but nice things to say about her many other products. There’s no way to know how hands-on she was in the development of the game, if the developers rushed the job or if they did much consumer testing, either way, it doesn’t seem like much attention on any of those accounts.

When I launched the game, I was immediately struck by the graphics. That’s one of the most impressive characteristics of the Wii games. But this? Reminded me of the Duck Hunt days. Very grainy, unrefined images that didn’t reflect the quality we’ve come to expect from the Wii. We don’t want you to just take our word for it, hear the comments left on the review. “The graphics are horrible. The screen hardly moves at all when you’re exercising… you basically get to watch your avatar run/kayak/bounce in place just like you,” said Gin. Kurt agreed, “Graphics are on par with Atari I played as a kid.”

Additionally, the avatar character can be difficult to use. Your actions aren’t as easily mimicked on screen as with other Wii games. I also noticed that I could stand perfectly still and my avatar would continue working out. Gin also commented “moving all about searching for the right motion to get your activity recognized may be the biggest part of the workout!” Scott added “You can literally start the game, put the controllers on the couch and it responds as if you are actually doing the exercises while Jillian is telling you that you are doing a great job!”

The sound was also disappointing. The music wasn’t all that motivating or even something I’d choose to listen to. Jillian provides the voiceovers with motivational messages and encouragement to keep you going. Anyone who is a fan of the trainer will know that the Jillian on the game is not the one we’ve all fallen for. Whether her act on Biggest Loser is all for show or how a genuine workout with her really is, it doesn’t come through on the game. Lizzy commented “she’s TOO NICE! not the Jillian i know! I expected… her to scream at me!”

Like other players, I spent more time trying to figure how to move in a precise way that my avatar would recognize it than I did focusing on a workout. Scott suggested they rushed the job- “They obviously pushed this game out the door before they worked the bugs out of it. This by far is THE WORST Wii game I’ve ever played!”

The Wii can be a useful fitness tool if you’re pressed to find time to exercise anywhere else. Unlike other video games, this one actually encourages your kids to get up, move those little bodies and get their hearts pumping. So maybe consider one of Jillian’s fitness DVDs or the Wii Fit, but this game is likely to leave you with more frustration than calories burned.

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  1. Descygna says:

    Oh my gosh I’m so glad I stumbled upon this review before purchasing the game. I was super excited when I found out Jillian was doing a Wii game. I can’t believe it sucks though. Thanks a bunch to you guys for reviewing this and saving me money!!!!

  2. Panda says:

    Totally agree. I bought 2 copies from Amazon when it first when on pre-order. Upon the receipt of the delivery, I opened it an played it for 15 mins… Exactly as this article described, very disappointing. I immediately turned on my computer and sold it as used game on Amazon, and returned the unopened copy back to Amazon.

    Yes, I feel stupid and cheated by the game; yes, I took a loss and sold it. But at least I don’t have to see it anymore. Stay away from it!

  3. Julie says:

    Thanks. I just heard about this yesterday, and I sent a link to Hubby as a possible Christmas gift for me. Guess I’d better send this link too.

  4. Gail says:

    I am so glad I read these comments before buying. I was looking for something to step up my workouts on the Wii and when I heard aboiut this game, I was psyched. Thank you all for saving me the money.

  5. Dena says:

    Horrible game. I wish i would have read a review before i bought this. I played it for 15 minutes. Avatars and movements not in sync. I acutally stopped doing the monkey bars and the character still did them. I am surprised Jillian would even put her image and name on this game. I even wonder if she played it.

  6. Bonnie says:

    Took it out of the package this morning and I am sorely disappointed. Terrible graphics, unclear instructions and positive feedback even when you are doing horribly. The remotes don’t seem to be in sync, either. Overall, not worth the money. I’m going to sell.

  7. sarah says:

    I actually think this game is pretty good!!! It has motivated me to get up and workout! The music is boring but I plug in my ipod instead. Once you get the hang of the moves the game gets less frusturating as anyother game would!

  8. melissa morris says:

    i have your wii game an love it i use it almost everyday(when can)had surgery on my foot and i am cofined to a walking cast right now which of the exercies on there can i use to stay active so i can continue to lose weight(june 225lbs now 193lbs) please help

  9. Gene says:

    As soon as we saw this game I immediately bought it because of Jillian. I’m glad that I came across this review section because I thought there was something wrong with the game. I like it and hate it at the same time. The graphics are poor, the instructions even worse, the character does not move when I move at times. The biggest problem I have is the tire workout and the jumping log. Just doesn’t move when I do. I find myself frustrated alot. However I finally figured out how to run and some of the other workouts I was able to figure out and after my first 30 min session I felt sore the next day. Would I recommend someone to buy this? Nope.

  10. DK says:

    I’ve been using the game for a couple weeks now, with two Wii remotes and the balance board. It’s pointless to use the nunchuk with the remote as you’ll just hit yourself in the face a lot with the wire. The graphics, are not good, like the review says. Also, I actually haven’t figured out how to change the music. I press B, but once I’m at that screen I’m just unable to select anything other than “Shuffle.” Also, the punching bag portion of the game doesn’t even work. I’ll be swinging every which way and… nothing. Even the arrows on the bottom of the screen that tell you what to do, don’t light up. Unlike Wii Fit, which guides you through each exercise and ensures you’re doing it right, Jillian Michael’s game isn’t really responsive to anything you do. I find that I can work up a sweat and hurt the next day with her game, but to be honest I’m sort of tweaking each exercise so that it works for me. I don’t regret buying the game, but I wish I hadn’t paid full price for it. Maybe worth $20?

  11. Teresa E says:

    I have been using this game for two weeks. At first I thought it didn’t work right . I started using two remotes, and it was better. than I figured out the moves , it took practice to make the moves work right. I have a high score now and challenge myself everyday to get better. It leaves me sore , I feel like I’m getting a workout. I haven’t figured out the balance log yet , my sides are sore and my score is 4 so I must be doing something wrong. I think the game is ok.

  12. Latania says:

    I can’t believe I bought this game last night I just played it awhile ago and it freaken sucks!!!! nothing works I rather just work out with the wii fit game they provide with the wii balance. I’m soo mad now i can’t return it! DON’T BUY IT!

  13. Darold says:

    I agree with most of you. I have been doing Wii Fit faithfully and thought this could complement the Wii Fit as I was starting to bore of the same activities. So I was torn over Jillian Michaels and My Fitness Coach. Unfortunately, I chose the wrong one. I was so to begin with when creating my avatar. I’m sorry but my avatar looks NOTHING like me. He is so fit and I am so… well not FIT. I want somebody that reminds me of ME. I thought I could get past that been then I started playing the game and was SO disappointed. Hit myself in the face with nunchuck, balance board isn’t needed… My wife is trying to get me to give it another chance, even though she thinks it sucks too… Don’t buy it. I am so waiting for Nintendo to come out with another Fit game. I guess I’ll try to find a review of My Fitness Coach to see if that is any better.

  14. Me says:

    I got this game awhile ago, and have played it a few times, but like the one reviewer said, FOR SURE USE 2 REMOTES, cause when you are using a nunchuck the wire just hits you in your face. I also found out that the boxing one doesn’t even work, and came here to find out if there were hints. When I do the workout it is ok, gets my heart rate up, but it definately doesn’t have awesome directions. It was probably worth $20, but I paid full price. Hopefully she upgrades it.

  15. DB says:

    Agree with everyone. It sucks. If you don’t mind just moving your arms and legs randomly for 30 minutes, you can sweat. So disappointed. She’d rip this game to shreds if she’d ever played it herself. I did figure out though that you need to pump with your hands to get the punch to work, same for other games, with the tires and log jump too. Its so slow waiting for you but you have to pump, then it says ready, then you can jump, punch, kick….I’m also bummed there are not targets or high scores each time, just some lame stats at the end.

  16. SGA says:

    I am totally disappointed with this game; it wasn’t worth what I paid for it.
    All hype and no deliver. Nothing works they way it should, you look for
    help with tips and there is nothing there. I can not believe Jillian agreed to
    put her name on this. NOT HAPPY AT ALL!!!!!

  17. Ronnie says:

    Well I was all set to buy this game this morning…but think I will wait until another one comes out. Thank god for reviews and the internet! Coz I think I saved myself around $70!

  18. Kristy says:

    I prob won’t get this as the reviews sound good. I got Fitness Coach and I love it. I will stick with this.

  19. Jen says:

    I bought this game without reading the reviews, and actually, I’m glad that I did. It took a little while to get the moves down, but for the most part, it leaves me sore and keeps me motivated, which I love. I’ve already lost 12 lbs doing this along with her fitness tips. I think that all you “video game” addicts don’t like it because you’re used to “cooler” graphics, but for all you who are looking to be motivated to get in shape & be more active, I think you’ll like it.

  20. brook says:

    this game sux. i am so mad i just spent $40 on it. it is a complete waste of time. half no, its not motivating at all…the stupid lady moves half the time even if you dont and then when you try and run your butt off she doesnt move at all. jillian should be ashamed to have her name on this game…now if i could just have my money back id be happy!

  21. Hunter says:

    I SOOOO wish that I had read reviews before I bought this game. The graghics don’t bother me they are no worse than any other nintendo game. But for Jillian Micheals to put her name on this crap and go on TV shows and promote it makes me lose ALL faith in her.

  22. Brandy B says:

    Yup! It is the worstest!

  23. Sara S says:

    Really glad i reas these reviews as i was just about to pre-order it. Thanks guys im going to check out the personal trainer one!

  24. Christine C says:

    DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!!! Jillian should pull the game. It is a disgrace to her name!!

  25. Anonymous says:

    I wish I read all the reviews before buying the game. Yes you are right. The game sucks! It was not worth my time searching for this game.

  26. Tammy says:

    This game is horrible. I didnt read the reviews before I bought it and wished I had. At first I thought something was wrong with my board and controls, because I too had problems with it not being in sync. I’m very disappointed. I’ve been wanting to lose weight and I thought this looked like a great way for me and my family to get into shape together. I do like the wii fit, so I guess I’ll continue with that one.

  27. L says:

    Ok..I did not read the reviews either..and now, as I purchased the dvd, thinking it would be great, and wondering if I was a bafoon for not working it correctly…I see that I am stupid for buying it in the first place. All above are correct…does not work correctly, hit yourself in the face, works without you doing anything, she tells you that you are doing great when you are not doing anything…so totally disappointed…and I am not heavy…just wanted to push myself. She should be ashamed of herself…she should put on this game as if she were a customer and would totally agree that all should get a refund. I have never said this before,but do not buy.

  28. AF says:

    I received the game as a present… It is absolutely the worst purchase to make. Save your money unless you like running in-place in front of a picture. Seriously, I’m disappointed in Nintendo for releasing this product.

  29. Les says:

    This totally SUCKS!!! My kids gave it as a gift and I am soooo mad they saved their money for me and got ripped off. There is minutes and minutes of shifting your weight while swinging your arms to simulate running. You start it up, you “run”, you play a game – and it doesn’t even respond properly – for about 2 minutes, then “run” some more. This is total trash. I want my kids to get their money back. I think they put about 10 minutes and $10.00 into this game and charged $40.00 a copy for it. Nothing but theives.

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