Josh Steele’s 250 lb Weight Loss: Inspired by Biggest Loser, Achieved Through Hard Work

The Biggest Loser is a popular show about average people who have not been successful losing weight by themselves. They see the show as both a last resort, and a second chance. Thousands try out each year but only 16 make the cut. Josh Steele knows all about this process. He’s been writing to the Biggest Loser for years, but was never chosen for the show. What happens to BL contestant hopefuls when they don’t make the cut? If you’re Josh, you embrace the old-school motto, “eat less, move more,” and by doing so, Josh lost a phenomenal 250 pounds! This is his story.

Josh Steele - Before and After

At nearly 7 foot tall, Josh Steele is a man who can afford to carry a few extra pounds and still be healthy, but the day he weighed in at just shy of 600 pounds, he knew his height couldn’t compensate any longer. Always a big strapping lad, he said he didn’t even really notice the weight coming on because it happened so gradually.  “I think back and realized I just became lazy,” he confessed. “Partying and late night eating caught up to me.”

While writing to yet another weight loss expert/reality program, he realized that if he was asking a show to help him lose weight, it was time for him to make some “drastic changes” on his own. At 28, Josh was aware of the very real probability that one day he would not wake up, and it scared him. “I totally changed my lifestyle,” he explained. “Hard work, dedication, and clean eating.” He started following the Chris Powell, Carb Cycling plan. “Once I got an idea of what foods to eat. I switched things up and just did what I knew would work and be long term.”

Josh Steele with JillianFor exercise, Josh started walking, just moving and using his limbs for the first time in a long time. Once he was able, he moved onto Crossfit-type workouts and then, Josh found his own personal Jillian Michaels when he met FIT personal trainer, Jakae Francis. “She took me on as a free client in July of last year,” he explained. “She has been a HUGE part of my journey.”

As time went on, Josh was bolstered by the realization that old clothes felt looser. This helped helped him work harder to, “keep my eye on the prize.” Still, making the commitment to eat well and exercise every single day can be a tough commitment. “There were many times where I woke up at 5 am and just wanted to lay there,” he said. “Then, I would think about just how far I had come and knew that I did not want to EVER go back there.”

On November 15, Josh will undergo skin surgery. Once he recovers, he’s going to take his Certified Personal Trainer Test (CPT) and then he’s excited to pay it forward by taking on a client at FIT, for free for 6 months, his weight loss journey coming full circle.

Advice he would give to others: “Believing in yourself is the first step to happiness. . .Once you believe and find that ‘why’ there is no stopping you. Yes, at times it will suck and you will feel like quitting, but always remember why you started!  Always stay humble and remember where you came from!”

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